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Lady Los Angeles

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Breaking news: FDA caught hacking into the private Gmail accounts of its own scientists who were about to blow the whistle on dangerous medical devices.

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Pure lunacy!!!! Monsanto is on a mission. Corporation sanctioned assassinations next?

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Inside Kim Jong-Il's Diabolical World. Follow the link to see how he gets away with it.....

At first instances, it can really suck having to deal with truth cuz a lot of times (if it's not directly altering or related to our lives and lifestyles) it can be boring and uninteresting (especially having to go out of your way to put work in by reading and educating yourself while, insteadm you can spend your time doing the usual: being entertained.). Truth forces change - we can never be the same after hearing truth (no excuses, we might fool our self thinking we forgot what we learned but truth has a way of reminding us from deep with in), it can flip our whole view 180° (change our whole lives), it can piss us off (being an ugly truth -to know it's real and happening or realizing what we might have thought this whole time turned out to be wrong, we were mis-educated and ended up believing a lie perhaps even professing it to others), it can make you look like a fool (if you're not careful), it can make us ecstatic (we usually can easily recollect these truths), and so on and so on.
One thing is this: truth always causes us a reaction after it's finally digested and believed in. No matter a small truth that's good to know (a friend called saying they will be late) or big truth that causes you to respond by making life changes to cope or deal or integrate this new found truth (a newly learned skill, a social injustice that needs to stop, or never to touch a hot stove when we were a toddler). I think in the end we'll look back and be thankful realizing how much good knowing the truth has done to our lives. Truth really does set you free. Once we get comfortable in a place change has trouble taking root cuz we deny or ignore it's existence and push it away refusing to change. Looking at American culture on a whole we have ultimately let our emotions decide for us instead of thinking things through. Most people end up being concerned with only a few things about in life such as work or looking for work, continually and or constantly dealing with debt (money issues), dealing with family and relationships (also not wanting to be alone), and wanting to feel good and be entertained. We all want to feel good and be happy but through the distributed distortion of truth in American through our media and culture over the years have steered us into more alcohol, dancing, sports, and fancy graphics and gadgets. Careful what you let reside in your thinking.
Constant consumption of entertainment leaves no room for our brain to think because on the daily we're soaking up these visions advertised directly to us in different ways all around us that are purposefully intented to make us feel a certain way and when anyone has any free time to themselves they're completely bored!! Go figure. We're all programmed in a similar way at different levels having lived our lives saturated by this culture (more so than we'd like to admit and often more so than we can actually be consciously aware of). People can't come up with anything to do, cuz the vision and imagination are buried under layers of years of constant influence from enteties that want something from us. Growing up with an “alcohol, sex and rock and roll” mentality constantly seeking the easiest way through life, trying to remain comfortable. A lot of times living life at this level limits your biggest goal in life to achieving the American Dream. Although a good dream it's not their own thought-up dream – most people start life off full of dreams they want to do and slowly get put in their place by society and forget their dreams and loose their imagination due to the lack of exercise your imagination needs to stay fresh. It's still there btw... you just got to dust em off and practice. You can start with a simple exercise: start seeing yourself on vacation or acheiveing a goal you made and while you conjure up these images start having fun and imagine yourself - little details and all, as many as you can possibly imagine! HD ;D - saoking up the vision your imagination is displaying. Then taking that vision of yourself in your imagination and start trying to rewind it visually seeing some of the steps that will help make your vision manifest itself in your life. Your imagination is a powerful tool. Thoughts turn into visual brainstorming. Where tv, music, movies, your teacher, friends and government did the most of the thinking for you before having you dependent on the system for entertainment and comfort as time passes by no really moving anywhere. Same ol same ol. There are reasons behind all of this in our lives. Do we dare search and seek for truth actually wanting and welcoming it into ourlives? Then sometimes we just might have to do a lil reading for starts. Ok, I think this is the end for now...

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Great news: more free online courses coming next year from Stanford University. Some of us have already benefited from the currently in session Machine Learning, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, or Intro to Databases classes. Here are the new classes open for enrollment beginning in January/February 2012:

Computer Science 101:
Software Engineering for SaaS:
Human Computer Interfaces:
Natural Language Processing:
Game Theory:
Probabilistic Graphical Models:

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