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I'm rather ashamed to say I feel a bit lost without FB :-( 

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Aaarrggghh!  Gmail!  Sort it out! #gmail  

Ooh there seems to be a flurry of activity here just now :-)

Does anyone use a Google calendar as well?  My calendar is fine but I've accidently deleted my Task List from the right hand side of my month view and tasks aren't showing on the day they're set for although I can load a list in Gmail.

I've looked and looked but I can't find a way of reversing this and putting my tasks back in the appropriate days.  Does anyone have any ideas please?  I'm not going to manage very well without them :-(

Drive properly blocked this time. Letter through van owner's door tomorrow :-(

A #badgercull that could remove up to 50% of our native badger population and not achieve it's objective is #kindofabigdeal

Warning - OCD alert!

I really like Google Docs and I've just moved my Christmas card spreadsheet there. Thing is I use it to create labels for the envelopes using a mail merge and it seems you can't do this with Google Docs unless you run some scripty, codey thingys (technical terms!).

Anyone know anything about this? I'd be grateful for any help.

If cattle vaccination could reduce btb by up to 68%, why are we wasting our time on culling badgers for 16%? ?

Four weeks today will be my last at work before a fortnight off. Wonder if I'll still be sane...
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