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AAA Vendesi 4x4GB (16GB) ram corsair GARANZIA A VITA ancora nuove (imballate) 1600MHz CL9 Il modello è il medesimo che trovate su amazon a questo link:
Ripeto che il pacco è ancora imballato e nuovo (arrivato oggi). vendo a 20€ in meno dell'inserzione di amazon quindi 97€.

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So di essere MainStream :) Ma qualcuno gioca a BoomBeach?

Sto giochetto mi ha già fatto "perdere" ore di vita :P

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Is there someone that ever experienced something similar? I cannot pinpoint the issue.

Does anyone know if there's something that provides a sorted by date list of the reviews? 

AppAnnie just does not work properly. I'd like to see some kind of grouped "reviews" sorted by date instead of having to access every single app. 

I know we can access the data throug google cloud storage and i'm willing to write the code by myself but i don't want to reinvent the wheel.

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tutto sommato è anche carina!

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Using SharedPreferences? Not satisfied? Solution found! Another great library for Android Developers:

Why to use? By one code line you can improve your SharedPreferences performance in up to x100 times for low-end devices and resolve several well known android SharedPreferences issues.

Benefits / Design Goals
Improve performance of the SharedPreferences on low-end devices
Fix issue with threads (Each instance of SharedPreferences creates thread which is never destroyed). 'Storage' can have only one 'save thread' for a process now.

Give ability to implement any custom de-/serialization of the data. Storage serialization can be replaced by any implementation you prefer: DB, JSON, etc.

Statistics collecting, allows to collect some runtime counters/metrics during class usage

Ability to store data in sqlite database

Improved ability to store long strings in SharedPreferences
Memory 'storage' pool. Creation of new instance of SharedPreferences is cheap.

'Storage' pool based on weak references. Polite to memory usage.
Save of storage in background thread only.

Save threads change own priority based on thread queue size.
Actions Factory - allows to customize deeply modifications of the preferences.

Implemented CommitsListener - allows to monitor in memory commit transaction.

Custom names for save background threads. Easy to identify who created the thread and control it lifetime.

Save to Disk Thread Pools max size is polite to device resources. CPU Cores count influence on Max number of available threads in thread pool.

Merged save transactions, multiple Apply calls merged into one save to disk operation.

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