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Wisdom not applied it's not real wisdom

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I haven't heard about this book but now I'm excited - very interesting info graphic on having the courage to step into the unknown.
I'm getting excited about the upcoming launch of Uncertainty, a book by +Jonathan Fields that will change the world. Earlier this year we did a talk at SXSW on a related topic, and this fun illustration was made by the OgilvyNotes team based on the stories we told.

We also dragged +Kate Northrup to the front at some point, who talked about not marrying a lobsterman in Maine and driving around the country instead... I guess you had to be there for that part.

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Bloggers: Start With a Frame

When I blog, I take the idea that's been on my mind, and then I ask how I can write that idea out such that it will be helpful to my community. From there, I put the post into a frame. Here's what I mean.

1.) Write an Intriguing Title (mine tend to be really brief. That's just a style/me thing.)
2.) Find a good picture on
3.) Write a first paragraph that asks a question in a conversational tone and/or sets the stage for the story.
4.) Subhead: reiterate the main point.
5.) Paragraph: make the main point.
6.) Subhead/Paragraph: example on the point.
7.) Subhead/Paragraph: another example (if necessary).
8.) Instruction and/or Call to Action.
9.) Close strong (with a call to action or at least a question)

I use that frame for pretty much every post on . The benefit of having that frame is that, once I have my idea, I don't have to spend a lot of time worrying about what I'm going to do with it. I try to find a way to make it useful to my community, and then I present it in the form above.

Do you use a frame? Can you see how this kind of a frame can be useful?

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