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ASQ: Moving ahead towards a foggy future—do we have a compass or oars?
I recently attended (April 29 – May 3) ASQ’s World
Conference on Quality and Innovation (WCQI).   I include the April dates because the weekend before is what I consider the
most important part of the conference:   the member leader oriented “Community Lead...
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Are Quality Professionals a dying breed? No, they are called something else.
This month’s ASQ Influential Voices blog topic is:  “If quality professionals do not change their
behavior, the resource pool will be drained down to a small, trickling stream
of competent “old-guys” supported by unskilled workers.”  How can we
prevent this...
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What the future holds for Professional Societies and other humanistic organizations in general
I want to
congratulate ASQ Chief Operating Officer Shontra Powell for (finally!) a
thought provoking discussion topic on the ASQ blog “A View from the Q.”   This blog has steadily regressed since its
initial role as a personal voice of the ASQ Chief Executi...
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You are not selling Quality to the C-suite. You are selling short-term relief.
Dr. Gettala’s ASQ Influential
Voices post this month provides a well-worn message around the business of
selling your message to leadership. Although the message is
important I think we need to remember that Quality is not a methodology that
offers “gentle ...
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Dissecting ASQ’s Mission
In July 2014 I wrote a blog post asking the new ASQ CEO Bill Tony to clarify ASQ’s vision because it was
pretty murky as to where ASQ is heading.   This month, incoming ASQ Chair Pat La Londe talks about the ways ASQ is
moving forward in executing its missi...
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Applying Quality Concepts at Home – Remember the human consequences
Given the
nature of the June 2015 ASQ Influential Voices blog , I congratulate Sunil Kaushik on his journey through the quality profession.   Sunil has done a masterful job at including his wife in his journey. I have
found that applying the things you do a...
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The Future of Quality: What I want the future to contain
Last week
I wrote a blog post describing my observations about the ASQ 2015 Future of Quality report .  I was a little
disappointed with the Quality Leaders portion of the report so I thought I
would submit my desires what ASQ and the QBoK need to consider ...
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The Future of Quality is not coming from inside the community
This month’s
ASQ Influential Voice topic addresses the Future of Quality. I know that the
title is sounds pretty damning, especially from one who describes himself as a
quality professional.     Below are my observations that led me to that
title. First the...
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Confessions of a Conference Booth Volunteer
It’s Tuesday morning, the start of another full day at
#WCQI2015.  Sitting in the booth typing
out another blog entry to give you a sense of what it is like to be a
conference volunteer.  Conference
volunteers are the glue to make a successful conference.  ...
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