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Planning any kind of party is a huge ordeal. There is so much to take into account that sometimes you don’t know where to begin, and it can be stressful. After depending on the kind of party you are holding, you will learn that some parties are best when they have a full wait staff on hand to help with the festivities. If you find yourself in need of a wait staff for your party, then you will need to hire the care and services of Dependable Waiters, located in Lakewood, New Jersey. We also serve other towns and cities in New Jersey, such as Asbury Park, Toms River, Jackson, and Freehold. 

Dependable Waiters provides the best wait staff in the New Jersey area that will come to your party or event and take care of all your dinner and serving needs. If you are holding a wedding, nothing says fancy and elegance quite like having a wait staff come to each table with the meals and desserts, or offering drinks and hor d’oeuvres to the party guests and party throwers alike. You will love the job we do because all of our staff carries an air of professionalism about them, along with a hint of that friendly personal touch that people love.

Our staff are carefully selected and trained to do their job right. Here at Dependable Waiters, we ensure all of our wait staff are licensed to handle food. We treat them like any restaurant treats their wait staff. We treat our clients as professionally as any other establishment will. We know that our wait staff must be professional and caring, and that is why despite all of the applicants we get, we only employ the best that we know are equipped to serve a party or event in the best way possible. With us, there will be no unprofessional behavior or slacking off that you would see with some other less professional wait staff services. 

Here at Dependable Waiters, we don’t just offer top notch professional waiters to serve your party or event, we also offer bartenders and event photographers! If you are having a more adult party and want to offer an open bar for your guests, one of our professional bartenders will be there to liven up the party and offer more adult refreshments. As the day progresses, you may want to cherish those memories with a professional photographer at your event or party. Let us know and we’ll get one for you today!
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