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Congratulations Toledo on getting Issue 1—The Sensible Marijuana Ordinance passed today!

Issue 1 was a grassroots effort to decriminalize marijuana possession within the city limits of Toledo to the lowest penalties allowed by Ohio law— no jail time and no fines! This is a huge win for residents of Toledo, and we support every activist who helped them win the historic victory for cannabis.

We would also like to take this momentous occasion to introduce the official OTEP rebranded name and website, Legalize Ohio 2016. Our new name will also help Ohioans better differentiate between our plan and ResponsibleOhio's 2015 legalization effort by making it clear that our focus is to succeed in Ohio’s 2016 Primary Election.

Our new website was built with an emphasis on providing easy access to finding petition locations as well as helping voters verify their registration information. If you do want to sign our petition, or update your voter information just let us know and we will help you get it done.

Finally, we're very much aware of our task to get the Cannabis Control Amendment (CCA) on the ballot in 2016. Each passing day, our campaign grows stronger, with support from people just like you. If you are passionate about reforming Ohio's marijuana laws, and would like to be a part of the free-market movement, here are a few ways to get involved:

—Permanent Signing Locations (The more the better!)
Bring people to your business to sign the petition, and perhaps introduce like minded people to what you do!
Signature Collectors
Social Media Missionaries
Programmers (iOS/Android Developers & Front-end wordpress coding)

If you can’t give your time, consider donating to help out. Our new website offers one time donations, or if you can, monthly plan recurring donations. Every dollar we collect helps fair and sensible legalization a reality in Ohio. Donations will go towards printing expenses, voter outreach, and event planning.

A huge THANK YOU! to each and every person that shares our passion for legalization, together with your help we can get a better amendment on the ballot in 2016 that all Ohioans deserve.

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At the Columbus Reggae Fest!

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+ResponsibleOhio  Is deleting posts from facebook they don't agree with.  Lets see if they are doing the same thing here on G+

I posted the attached on Facebook yesterday.  Several friends shared it to their wall.  Then, a couple hours later, it disappeared from facebook.  Apparently, they don't want people to read issue 2.

#responsibleohio , more like #irresponsibleohio  #morelikeirresponsibleohio 

also posted on reddit:
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Trying to build for bacon, but running into some issues...

am i supposed to manually put something in .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml?

i've tried a few things i found around, but nothing seems to work.  any ideas?

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Happy Earth Day!

I really Like Calc+!
Everything about it is amazing, except it's start time.  Sometimes it takes 10+ seconds to load! Usually more like 2-5sec.  it will show up fast if i select from recents, but if i click on icon it shows me black screen first.
This has been pretty consistent for the past 5-6 months.
Tested on Nexus 5 & Oneplus1 - Custom Roms, mostly Lollipop.

Also, quick feature request:
Ability to show just x number of prior calculations full screen.  So i can do a math problem, then show just that part to someone.
To use: click "full screen" (or something like that) then a popup asks "how many lines?".  The lines are shown full screen, and auto rotates, so i can show large and in landscape.

Thanks Again for the great calc app!

Looking for an Insurance Customer Service Rep (CSR) in the Dayton/Centerville area.
P&C Agency
Insurance Licence preferred but not required
Please contact me in you're interested.
This will be a full time position with room to grow into production.

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This event is primarily for the party mode photo upload.  If you join the event, and put your phone in "party mode" ALL pictures you take will automatically upload to this event page.  It will make a great photo timeline of the event.

Main event is Thursday 3/26 - Sunday 3/29
I made the event span the week, so ppl could upload pics during pre-production

I'm working on developing a new development board, similar to a Raspberry Pi, but with different functionality.  It's going to be the heart of a Smart AV Receiver.

I'm going to need to design and prototype a new circuit board, and I need a computer engineer .  Do I have any Google+ friends who could provide insight? :)

I think this could be a really awesome project.
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