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When I paste a large amount of data into Excel containing dates as far back as the 1800s, the recent dates display correctly as valid dates, but the older dates automatically convert to text. I assume I need to adjust a setting in Excel, but I can't find it. Can you help?

Lie Dharma Putra

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Internal auditors can play a pivotal role in managing technology risks ranging from cybersecurity to social media. The risks are ranked in a new report that shows how internal audit can help manage them.
I am an accountant people says 'bean counter'
Lie Dharma Putra is a CPA (Accountant), managing his own startup, practitioner, fellow accountants and manager.

Putra has ever been:

  • a bookkeeper for two small businesses [just after graduation of his accounting bachelor degree].
  • an auditor for a small [and nice] accounting firm, until he found himself bored in struggling with financial reporting without knowing what really behind the numbers are. So he decided to quit from auditing world to put his arms and legs into dirty works of company’s financial flows from scratch again.
  • a financial analyst for one company. He analyzes company’s financial performance across the operations since the beginning till the end of the financial cycle.
  • a Finance and Accounting manager for three medium enterprises for 8.6 years. He helped business owner to manage day-to-day finance and accounting roles, making sure: their customers pay the companies on time, having enough cash to fund all activities, tax filing, keeping their financial record fully compliance with the accounting standards and pay company’s tax.
  • a tax consultant [with his team] four five years. Putra helped tens of companies and persons who struggling with taxations. From tax planning, getting tax refund, and litigations.
  • formerly a controller for a corporation in Costa Mesa, CA for 8 years.

From topics he writes on his blog (, you can see that; obviously, Putra love to focus his energy to go insight of the company’s day-to-day operation to figure out, spot, uncover and fix financial problems of some specific areas of company’s, linking company’s budget into performance analysis to deliver the maximum value to the shareholders, developing financial and accounting procedures and policy, or even re-routing the business flow to the most effective ways to generate maximum gain [profit] for the company. Putra love to go round the factory just to find a better procurement and [operation] way for the company, watching people’s works, taking notes, analyzing and discussing what he found with his fellow managers.

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Becoming an accountant and educating people in the accounting field
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Costa Mesa, CA - Brisbane, Australia - Denpasar, Indonesia - Jakarta, Indonesia
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