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Check out this article on the latest minimally invasive cancer treatments by interventional radiologists. "Interventional Oncology helps beat cancer to the punch: appeared in the most recent issue of Health & Wellness Magazine.

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Charles Nutting, DO and E Brooke Spencer received recognition as “Best Doctors” in the Denver Business Journal’s August 7-13, 2015 edition. The survey was conducted by Best Doctors, Inc., an organization headquartered in Boston, MA, dedicated to transforming and improving health care by bringing together the best medical minds in the world to help identify the right diagnosis and treatment.

Eric Malden, MD was again recognized by Denver’s 5280 magazine for being a “Top Doc” in the Vascular & Interventional Radiology category.
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Back by popular demand, the YES! patient advocacy program, sponsored by YES! and RIA Endovascular, is returning to Denver this fall!  Save the date - Sept 26, in the afternoon for this uplifting program for cancer patients, caregivers, families and other interested folks..  More information coming soon.

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We have had many requests, from both physicians and patients, for the medical literature on the prostate artery embolization procedure for enlarged prostate (benign prostate hyperplasia, or BPH).  Prostate Artery Embolization is an alternative to a TURP, a surgical procedure.  Therefore, RIA Endovascular has assembled a series of abstracts on Prostate Artery Embolization that we’d like to share with you.
Please feel free to share these with others, and do let us know if you find them useful.  View the abstracts at

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Here's information on veins, including prevention tips, for those with spider and varicose veins. Don't let venous insufficiency conditions worsen. It's better to prevent problems than to try to fix them latter.

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Here's a testimonial from Greg Thorpe, on behalf of Greg and Jennifer Thorpe, with their permission.

My name is Greg Thorpe, husband and caregiver to the incredible, beautiful-on-the-inside-and-out, wife, Jennifer Pratt Thorpe, a 44-year-old, stage IV colon cancer patient. We live in Utah.

Dr. Nutting lives in Colorado.

I met Dr. Nutting through co-founder Suzanne Lindley at YES! From that day, Dr. Nutting called me on my personal cell phone to introduce himself, and offer his help. I knew right away he was not your ordinary doctor.

Dr. Nutting has been an amazing advocate and friend to Jen and I throughout this “Journey.”

One time, I was following on the Internet a HUGE Colorectal Cancer Summit in Chicago, where Dr. Nutting was a key presenter. Imagine my surprise and shock when my personal cell phone rang and it was Dr. Nutting. He was in between his lectures, with laptop in hand, discussing my wife’s most recent forwarded CT Scans!

The real shocker – My wife was not yet even an official Colorado patient! What physician does that? We were amazed at his genuine concern and care. He truly does care. Dr. Nutting truly goes “THE EXTRA MILE” and then some to help!

When faced with serious health decisions, I often ask the many doctors here in Utah the question: “What would you do if this were your wife, mom, or sister? I’m sure no one has ever asked that of Dr. Nutting, because his obvious compassion, passion and sincere concern for his patients would give the confidence that that is exactly the treatment options that he’d recommend. He has continued throughout this last year to help us in this battle with cancer.

Greg Thorpe
Ogden, Utah

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Pictures of Hope! - These pictures were taken for RIA Endovascular's good friend Suzanne Lindley and all the amazing people at YES!, who provide inspiration, information, advocacy and hope to people fighting liver cancer and cancer that has spread to the liver.

Learn more. - Contact YES! Either go online or call 877.937.7478. They are an amazing organization. See more pictures of Hope around the world on the YES! site at
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With his permission and blessing, here is a testimonial from a patient from Seattle who was searching for an alternative to TURP surgery for enlarged prostate (benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). Thanks, Jim, from all of us at RIA Endovascular, for telling your story about prostate artery embolization.

I had benign prostate hyperplasia, otherwise known as enlarged prostate. I knew I didn’t want to risk the possible side effects from the traditional surgical “Gold Standard” TURP, which can be impotence or incontinence or both. Besides, it’s surgery.

So, like others have mentioned in their testimonials for Dr. Charles Nutting, I researched alternatives to TURP and found a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure called Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE) that has been performed for years in Portugal and Brazil. While clinical trials were taking place in different parts of this country, Dr. Nutting was already performing the procedure in Denver, Colorado on a regular basis. I live in Seattle.

I contacted his office and had many helpful exchanges with his medical staff at RIA Endovascular and the people at Sky Ridge Medical Center, where the procedure was performed in March of 2015. I learned that Dr. Nutting is well known to many other prominent Interventional Radiologists and a University of Washington Interventional Radiologist in my home city of Seattle, Washington.

My surgery is only a week old, but it has already made a wonderful difference in my urine flow and overall comfort. If others' testimonials hold true for me as well, I anticipate my condition will improve even more.

I can only say good things about the procedure and Dr. Charlie Nutting’s skill as a physician. His personal style is warm, friendly and caring, with a clear style of communicating what he is going to do and has done after the procedure.

If anyone has questions, feel free to contact me at or if visiting Seattle arrange for a chat by phone or in person if you are visiting Seattle.

James Braden
Seattle, Washington
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Check out this video on a minimally invasive solution for uterine fibroids.  It's as relevant today as it was when taped three years ago.  Learn more about uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) at

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Is it a good idea to cover leg varicose and spider veins with tattoos?
RIA Endovascular thinks not!

First, tattoos just cover the unsightly veins. It doesn't fix the problem.It's a cover-up.

Second, the result is not always good, and it has been reported that the cosmetic effect may worsen over time, especially if the vein itself is pierced.

Third, if the spider and varicose veins are more than just a cosmetic problem, you may be making it tougher to get treatment. So, we recommend, in all cases, that you check out your leg condition first - just to be sure.

If you do need medical treatment -- either now or in the future -- tattoos can make future medical treatment more difficult because your provider needs to see the veins to treat them.

So if you want tattoos, RIA Endovascular recommends spider and varicose vein evaluation -- and if necessary -- treatment, first.

Fortunately, it’s easy as there are vein several treatments available. While a few spider veins may not be of concern, it would be better to fix the problem (or cover them up with makeup made for the purpose) rather than to cover it. Especially with varicose veins, we recommend getting them checked out.  Besides, your legs will likely feel better.

RIA Endovascular offers a complimentary cosmetic vein screening. Call us at 720.483.3406 or visit to learn more.
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