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Happy Solstice!
One of the images for my upcoming show Illuminate. 

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1n 1993, I found an old abandoned victorian home with robin's egg blue scalloped trim and red window sills in a rural coloradan valley.  It's presence there between the giant cottonwoods stopped me in my tracks and beckoned me forward.  My dear friend, Jill, who tragically died not too soon after this  moment, was with me.  She too felt the magic of this place.  We parked the car and explored. The house looked like something out of a fairytale - tall and pointy, chippy white stucco with delicate details. The interior was curiously scaled down - as if hobbits lived there.  The doors and windows open or gone, the farm swallows swopping in and out of every opening.  The house had become the property of old little ghosts and the native flora and fauna.  We came around the back to find the most glorious surprise.
A huge wall of peonies in full bloom and a family of deer resting in the abandoned corral.  The deer didn't flee in fear.  We all just sort of looked at each other with an understanding that we all belonged, right there, right then , amongst the magnificent peonies. 
This is the first of sketch of "milady" - from that day. she is holding 
the soul of a peony blossom .
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