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/*Life runs on Code*/
/*Life runs on Code*/

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I was trying to explain to someone the difference between Java and JavaScript. "It is like the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars."

Java is Star Trek. It was first, and it is all uniforms, regulations, and red alerts. JavaScript is Star Wars. Grit, chaos, and mysticism.

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Can't believe this shit!

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Dear Geek Girls, Please come back.

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Ha ha ha. :) #gitrules   #github  

Microsoft reorganizes- Started reading the letter which Steve Ballmer sent the Microsoft employees. Closed the browser tab after two paragraphs. Can't he just say the things he wants to say directly? and I am sick of hearing everyone who claims they are "focused on innovation". Just say "We're making something new" and tell us why it is new. How hard is it really?
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