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The Leadersmith
Revealing the hidden leaders within our young adults.
Revealing the hidden leaders within our young adults.


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What kind of Leaders do we need for the future?
The society we live in today is based on Fear and competition. Compassion, empathy and love are disappearing day by day. If you look around, you will see that most of the leaders are using fear and competition to control their followers and achieve their agendas. If we do a survey, I am certain that most of us won't like this kind of leadership.
Ever wondered where these leaders learnt this behavior from? From their elders, role models and their own mentors. 
Guess what? our young adults are watching us, today's leaders and most probably... learning the same traits. If we don't like this kind of leadership then how can we let our young adults take it into the future?
What do you think?
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