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Jeff Kramer
A Robot Boy with too many projects!
A Robot Boy with too many projects!

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My secret project at Microsoft has become not so secret. =) 

As usual, I forgot about G+. =P

Hello friends. After the last few years in the Midwest, we're finally heading the rest of the way west. The Kramer family is moving to Seattle in August. We'll miss all our friends out this way, but look forward to seeing all our friends out that way.

I'm joining "Special Projects" in Microsoft Research. Should be a blast. 

I haven't updated this in a long, long time.  I left Deeplocal a year ago, and now I'm the Lead Robotics Engineer at MTD Products.


NREC was great.  Deeplocal is amazing - really looking forward to starting on Monday.  Onward and upwards friends. =)

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So, the project I'm currently on at work is featured not only on CMU's homepage:

But also on Gizmodo:

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My book, Hacking the Kinect, is only $15 today at - if you were holding out, now's the time. =)

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So, if you've been wondering what I've been working on in my spare time, here you go:

If you're inclined/interested, we'd love to have questions from you in the next two hours or so - we're in an online demo day!

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