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Erich Foster
I am a person that doesn't know what to say about themselves.
I am a person that doesn't know what to say about themselves.

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President Trump -> Presidump

How can I get logs, i.e. where are they? I have been trying to connect to my seed box and I keep getting an unexpected response. I have checked everything in Transgui and in my browser and I can connect just fine, but through Torrnado it doesn't work.

Dear chapel developers: did I really have to do this? #chapellanguage  
proc zero_buffer(in i: int , const n: int = 7): string{
    const l: int = (i:string).size;
    var   s: string;

        for z in 1..n - l{
            s += 0:string;
        s += i:string;
        s = i:string;

    return s;

Gonna see if I can write some LBM code in Chapel. #ChapelProgrammingLanguage #LBM  

Okay, now there is a real reason to forgo the RaspberryPi in favour of a Minix! Minix

Note to self (okay all of the internet); don't read comments about mathematics on youtube, especially if those comments have to do with Cantor's ideas of Countably and Uncountably Infinite.

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City of Portland falls for free energy scam and no one seems to realize it. lol

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Watch this video and read the comments and you will lose all faith in humanity.

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The 1km tower by my friend - and Chalmers colleague - Lars Hesselgren and friends at PLP Architecture. #chalmers  
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