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Mary Foxworthy
Discovering Family History
Discovering Family History

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Missing Pieces
Searching for missing pieces
of information is the definition of a family history project. I’m looking at
another family jigsaw puzzle with many missing pieces. In the past few months, via
DNA matches, I’ve learned of two distant cousins in my Schipp line a...

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Sip to Schipp: Evolution of a Surname
In June, 2015 I published apost with a theory about how my great grandfather, Michael Sip became Michael
Schipp. Quoted from that post: “ How did Sip become Schipp?  Here’s my
theory. In the 19 th   century, the   Province   of   Poznan   was in the Prussia...

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Projectus Interruptus
My project for a video of my
Ganas family history in Poland didn’t get off the ground because I realized
that I needed more information. I ordered a couple of FHL (Famiy History Library)  microfilms and put it
on hold. Now that I have as much information as...

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Microfilm Monday
In my 10 March, 2017 post I
described finding a connection in my Ganas line to a family that settled in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It gets even better. 
Further research on BaSIA led me to records of other Ganas individuals
in the same line – descended from my 3...

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Z is for Zeitgeist - 2017 A to Z Challenge
 Zeitgeist Just because I like the
word.   It is  time to
start planning my list for the 2018 A to Z Challenge. I  now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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Maybe it Won't Always be a Fantasy
In my 24 April post for the2017 A to Z Challenge for the letter T , I wished for a time machine. This Science Alert article
says that it is mathematically possible.  It’s a start.

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X is for X Marks the Spot - 2017 A to Z Challenge
Same title as last year’s X
post, but I want to point out that there are new enhancements to Google Earth. Here’s James Tanner’s recentpost about it. And here’s a link to my Xpost from last year.

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W is for Why - 2017 A to Z Challenge
    Why?  That is the most difficult question that
arises in researching family history. With some exceptions, we can usually
answer the other four Ws: Who, What, When and Where.  Finding those still leaves with a big empty
space in the Why column. “Why?” i...

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V is for Verify - 2017 A to Z Challenge
It is so exciting to find a
family member in a database!  Perhaps you
find a gem in someone else’s online family tree, or an ancestor’s name pops up
on a passenger list, or birth or death record. 
WOW! However tempting it may be to
take what you find at fac...
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