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Mary Foxworthy
Discovering Family History
Discovering Family History

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Gone Fishin’ – Another Adobe Spark Video
I still love Adobe Spark. It’s pretty much idiot-proof. My
first two videos were created using Adobe Premier Elements and Audacity.  They came out ok, but were not as simple as
Adobe Spark. Gone Fishin' The two most difficult tasks are photo selection and

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History and DNA
In this time of confusion in the US, the focus is on
specific immigrants, but all immigrants and children of immigrants are
concerned. My stepdaughter, Julie, posted on Facebook reminding us that we are
all immigrants and descendants of immigrants. 
In her ...

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The Tribes of Europe (Some of them, at least)
In modern times, we are familiar with the sovereign nations of Europe. But it was not always so. 
I have begun reading The Emergence
of Western Society subtitled European
and English History 300 – 1200 by Colin Davies. The first chapter begins even earlier ...

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2017 Family History Writing Challenge
I’m going to try Lynn Palermo’s Family History WritingChallenge again this year. I tried it a couple of years ago, but fell out very
quickly.  This year will be different.   This year, I’m not writing to be read; I’m writing to be
heard.  My projects will b...

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I LOVE Adobe Spark
    What an easy way to create a video to tell a story!  And it is FREE!  Adobe Spark makes it extremely simple – teachers and
students are among Adobe’s target audience for this product. Here’s my first project:  1941 Road Trip The website leaves something...

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Family Search Family Tree? or Not?
  In my opinion there are valid reasons for having my family
tree posted on the Family Search site.  Likewise,
I see valid reasons for not having it there. 
Here are my thoughts. Pro There are, among the Family Search members, very likely some
who have bran...

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Wish List – Dear Genea Santa
 For Elizabeth O'Neal's December 2016 Blog Party Where to begin!?? I have two lists.  One
is for things that are either said to be coming in the near future; or are at
least within the realm of possibility. 
The other list is for those things that are unlik...

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Intermingled Families
Finally finding my paternal grandmother on a ship’s
passenger list got me back to research on that family.  Searching again for historical records
brought me an overload of information.  I
have lots of shaky leaves on . One thing that stands ou...

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Inaccuracy? Confusion? or Perhaps a Little White Lie?
  I suspect that Lucia Raczynska lied about the ages of her
children. It has been a struggle to find information about my paternal
grandmother’s family. A scribbled name on the 1900 census had me on a wild
goose chase for quite a while. My grandmother was T...
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