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Mary Foxworthy
Discovering Family History
Discovering Family History


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Genealogy as a Political Tool
Let me state from the
beginning that I will not express an opinion on this topic.  I do find it interesting that Jennifer
Mendelsohn has combined two of her passions; one fueling the other. Meet
the woman confronting anti-immigration  public figures with th...
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Research Shape-up for 2018
How am I going to get my
research and goals shaped-up for 2018? I am joining  Elizabeth
O’Neal’s January Genealogy Blog Party to try to set some goals for this
year. My list of long-term projects has gotten a lot of revision and adjusted priorities.  There ...
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Bullet Journal: Fad or Useful Tool?
It was just over a year ago
when Bullet Journals were all the rage. I wonder how many folks who jumped on
that bandwagon have since fallen off. A bullet journal is a concise
way of keeping track of your plans and activities. It is not a wordy discussion
of ...
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DNA Smashes a Brick Wall
Tekla Raczynska Dachtera, my
paternal grandmother, has been a huge challenge in my research. Her parents
were married in Cerekwica, Poland; she was baptized 6 years later in
Breckerfeld, Germany,  I looked for her
parents in Cerekwica with no luck; I found ...
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Indian River Genealogical Society is considering starting a mentor program. If your society has such a program, I'd be grateful to hear about it. How does it work? What works? What doesn't? Comment here or send an email to

Thanks for any advice or wisdom you may have. We'd rather not re-invent the wheel.

Mary Foxworthy

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Am I Missing the Point?
I am baffled by people who
have tens of thousands of people in their family trees.  How far removed are the individuals at the
very outer branches and twigs?  Why are
they there? Is there any value in having
the 3 rd great grandmother of the wife of my moth...
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Genealogy Blog Party: DNA Discoveries
My contribution to Elizabeth O'Neal's July Genealogy Blog Party . DNA testing has led me down a
wonderful path of discovery.  Not about
me and my family but about European history.  My DNA was tested by 23andMe back in 2013. I had breast cancer and, for my ...
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Narrative Fallacy: It’s easy to fall into this trap
This post on Narrative
Fallacy by James Tanner on his Genealogy Star blog is a gentle reminder to all
of us. It is far too easy to reject research that doesn’t fit with the story we’ve
woven. That’s my story and I’m
sticking to it!
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A Different Brick Wall
Last week, a circuit breaker
flipped.  I was working intensely on two
projects when my circuits apparently overloaded. The projects have been sitting untouched
on my desk for several days now.  I’m
running in neutral  - idling. What happened?  I haven’t a c...
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Tribes of Great Britain and Their DNA
I don’t remember where I
first saw this (It was about 20 minutes ago, after all), but it is interesting
whether or not you have British ancestry. The list of the study’s
findings beneath the maps is especially interesting.  The maps are from abroadintheyard...
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