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DIY Film Holder for Developing 3x4 Sheet Film
This is the first true post I have made since converting this blog to focus on vintage cameras and photography.  I thought I would jump right in with a blog on something associated with vintage cameras.  Developing film from an old format.  Here goes. I hav...

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Why I Am Changing Focus Of This Blog
Going forward this blog will focus on old cameras, with some other general photography thrown-in. It has been a year and a half since I have posted to this blog.  Some personal things have changed and so has my interests.  The original purpose of the blog w...

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A Remington Standard No. 7
About a month ago I acquired
this typewriter because it looked different.   Saw it on Craig’s List, purchased it, brought it home and put it on the
shelf without even looking at it as a lot was going on at the time. Pulled it down off
the shelf this morning...

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Wonderful 11” Platen IBM Selectric I
While I had many
problems with the previous Selectric III, this Selectric is the one I have been
waiting for.   Near perfect shape.   Black.   The personal size with 11” platen. Where the previous
typewriter started out with many problems, this example work...

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IBM Selectric III Repairs (Part 3 Final)
I have given up on
this Selectric III.   Too many issues that
I could not reasonably expect to overcome.   It really has served its purpose however, and I will keep it around to
experiment on.   After all it was donated
to me for free. The final blow came

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IBM Selectric III Repairs (Part 2)
It has taken me some
time to get back to this project.   I waited on delivery of a Bristol wrench set and a half cycle wheel.   Then other summer activities intervened.   I also had input from Clark (professorc30).   Thanks Clark!   He suggested that I do a...

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Remington Junior Typewriter
While waiting on some tools to get
underway on the Selectric I clean and repair I thought I would introduce another of the
typewriters I purchased a couple of weeks ago, all within two days. While near a flea market I decided
to stop-in.   This Remington Ju...

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IBM Selectric Repairs (Part 1)
I am pulling myself in way too many
directions currently.   I have now 4 new
typewriters, each of which I am looking forward to cleaning up.   Now I took possession of this Selectric III without
having heard it turned on.   The person
who had the Selectric ...
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