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I'm trying to figure out this Apple TV thing and whether it would make sense for me. I currently have internet and TV from Cox. My TV plan is the lowest available (could prob get the same with a digital antenna). Point is, we don't need HGTV or whatever. I do stream Netflix through my blu-ray player. I'd love to ditch cable TV altogether, but my internet would increase if I drop the TV. I do have a husband who has wanted ESPN for a long time.

Soooo... What would the benefits of Apple TV be, other than being able to watch the video podcasts I subscribe to (I think +Rob Walch has mentioned data showing people don't tend to consume podcasts this way, but I would). ANYWAY, when I looked up the services available on Apple TV, many of them require you to already subscribe to the channel with your cable provider.

If I were to already subscribe to, say, ESPN through my cable provider (meaning for me, purchasing a whole larger plan), why watch it through AppleTV versus regular cable?

Sorry for being long-winded. Any help would be appreciated! :)

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