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If you have ever done a tech class with David or Matt you have heard the word ‘trim’, usually to the point you never want to hear it again. However if you have ever dived with Gino, Jojo or Alex you have also noticed their perfect buoyancy and excellent control in the water. This is trim and Evolution is passionate about it.

When we teach our more advanced students we often introduce a simple concept to them. We ask if they think diving is a competitive sport? The answer is usually no. WRONG. Of course it is. I want to be better on my next dive. That’s self competition. And yes, I want to be better then you. There, its out there.

For us there is no such thing as a boring dive. If not much is happening then we self evaluate. How is trim, how is balance, how are propulsion techniques. Not 100% then why not? How to improve? This is how divers evolve and this is where our name comes from.

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Here in Malapascua Nitrox is very popular because it allows you to double your bottom time on a 25m dive – exactly the depth we see Thresher Sharks. So there is no confusion about what a great opportunity a nice mix of 32% can give a diver looking for pelagics.

However there can be a lot of confusion about the benefits or not, and the hazards or not of using nitrox so lets spend a moment to clear those up.

Many people believe using nitrox is much ‘safer’ then air. The logic is that you breathe an oxygen rich mix and therefore absorb less nitrogen into your tissues. We all know that nitrogen turning into bubble form gives us DCS so this must be true? Well maybe not...

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Scuba Diving is an equipment intensive sport, and that makes it all the more interesting to some people. Other people prefer not to worry to much about their equipment and just focus on the great dives. No matter which camp you fall into, safety while diving is always paramount, and that generally comes down to being able to breath underwater.

To ensure that we can always keep breathing we need high quality hoses to get the gas from the tank to our lungs, and as far as we are concerned at Evolution, Miflex hoses are the best hoses money can buy.

Matt and David have been using Miflex hoses for there personal use since Evolution started and they have been convinced that these hoses have a lifetime of 3-5 times more than regular hoses. Matt is even still using some hoses which he started using in 2008, and they have most likely done in excess of 1500 dives and are still working great. As a result of this you can now expect to see Miflex hoses adorning the rental equipment in Evolution as we phase them in over time.

We are also offering a wide range of the Miflex hoses to buy in our retail section, and as these hoses are notoriously difficult to get in the Philippines we shipped in a lot to try and keep the demanding diver/shopper happy for some time.

If you have questions about Miflex or are interested to buy some then just email us on

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Congratulations to new PADI Open Water divers Frida, Stina and Mathias -Evolution’s first diver certifications of 2014!

Frida and Stina loved it so much they also went on to complete their PADI Deep adventure dive – an amazing dive with the famous Thresher Sharks at Monad Shoal! There was so much shark action from the first minute that the girls could barely focus on the required skills of the dive!

Our new divers are showing off their new PADI tshirts – a special edition donated by PADI showing appreciation to students choosing Malapascua as the location for their dive training.

Its reads: I completed my PADI course and supported Malapascua after typhoon Yolanda.

And they sure did!

Want one? Just sign up for a course this month

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We have often mused in the past about life on a remote tropical island. Its a great and at times leveling existence and can often break life down into very simple terms.

The recent Typhoon took something from Malapascua that we had all learnt to love. It was something relatively new. something pretty special and something the rest of you take for granted every day. When the storm hit every electricity pole on the island toppled over and every line went with it.

The island plunged into darkness.

This is an interesting experience. “I will just flush that toilet” . . . nope we need the water pump for that and its driven by electricity. Oh dear.

Or in the early days after the storm

“Hey this fan isn’t working”.

“ . . . because there is no electricity”

“Oh yeah . . “

And warm, warm beer. But that’s one you kind of get used to.

Malapascua got electrified in early 2010 so this modern luxury is still a bit of a novelty. The island had a boom in TVs and karaoke machines and soon everyone had a fully charged cellphone with Poker Face as its ringtone.

So for most people losing electricity was one of the hardest things to cope with after the storm as babies lay awake in the heat at night crying and life ground to a halt at an equatorial 6pm every day.

But this tale has a happy ending. For Xmas we received a functional grid again and almost everyone is back enjoying the most basic of life’s luxuries – power! But doing without helped make us better, stronger and more humble people and more appreciative of life and what we take for granted. Happy New Year.

Disclaimer – Evolution ran a back up generator from day one post storm and bought a primary generator as soon as physically possible, so as to learn as little as possible about life without power.

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If you haven’t decided what to do for Xmas yet, check out our special xmas dive package for 2.

Three nights AC Deluxe accommodation with breakfast.
Six day dives and one night dive each.
Usually costs P31,950

Xmas Special Price: P27,400*

When booking to stay between Dec 20th and Dec 26th

Contact us for more details at

Not included:

Maritime fees
Equipment rental
Other food and drinks

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The Mogami Maru Revisited

Situated in the ‘Golden Triangle’ of marine diversity The Philippines is home to all sea creatures great and small, from the world’s largest fish, the Whale Shark, to the tiny pygmy seahorse and apparently some fish called a Thresher Shark. However a fella called Douglas MacAurthur also did a great job of ensuring that the country’s seas are littered with Japanese WWII wrecks ranging from 1m to 300ms. The Philippines was central to the Japanese presence in Asia and MacArthur was given the job of removing them one by one, and he did so with great singularity.

One of the by-products of MacArthur’s Pacific success is an historic site that has become a source of fascination for both David and Matt. Lying in 52 metres off the coast of Malapascua this 50 metre long wreck is perfectly upright on its keel. It is a Maru, or merchant ship – most likely a fishing trawler, that was refitted for combat and sent to defend the Japanese positions from the onslaught that was to come.

We believe it to be called The Mogami Maru as records show a ship was downed in this area in 1944 after an aerial attack. The boat lies beyond the reach of recreational divers so to access it and stay there for any time we need to plan a decompression dive using 4 tanks and multiple gas mixes. It’s a straight blue descent to find the wreck, a sort of slow motion sky dive for 40 metres until the aging steel hulk starts to loom through the gloom.

After over 150 collective repetitive dives the ship has really come alive for us and so have the people who were aboard and the terror of those final moments. We have uncovered an array of personal artifacts but one or two have really struck a chord, pun pending. On one penetration dive inside the engine room we saw what looked like a saucepan lid, covered in decades of sediment. However the saucepan lid proved to be an item so personal, so unexpected that it has connected us to this rusting vessel for ever. What was discovered in fact was a 78 inch vinyl record, complete with its label, the tiny Kanji script still legible.

Mogami Maru wreck artifacts malapascua

Wreck diving malapascua

Subsequent investigative work has revealed that it is a song by Japanese Geisha Michi Yakko, probably released in 1939 and taken aboard this boat by Person Unknown. Since then, dives have uncovered numerous vinyl fragments but no gramophone yet. Its kept us wondering about the final moments aboard and how someone, who also considered music as a source of life, felt as they met their death. The reality of this was sharpened as we uncovered a femur, rib bone and what looks like an ulna – from a compacted part of the wreck. Could this be the man who died to the stirring patriotic tones of a Japanese songstress and the catastrophic roar of incoming missiles?

Every time we dive the beguiling Mogami we wonder about the lost souls on board and feel their connection to life on Malapascua almost 70 years later.

To connect with history and join Matt or David on an exploration dive of the Mogami Maru just drop us an email on We can share our passion for our local history with you anytime!

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Family Fun on Malapascua Island!

The family of Oleg Chelpanov had a great 8 days holiday with us in Malapascua, with lots of diving, and quite a bit of studying too  Parents Oleg and Stacy and their daughters Polina (12 years) and Alisia (5 years) got to enjoy the amazing diving Malapascua has to offer as well as relaxing with some swimming at the beach taking day trips to have a look around the island.

Diving Instructor Dannie took them through a variety of classes during the trip. They did the Advanced Open Water course and Peak Performance Buoyancy classes plus the Nitrox course, so are now ready for anything in their future diving adventures!

Not a bad start for a 12 year old to dive with Thresher sharks three times! And little Alisia was like a fish in the water every time the dive boat stopped and entertained the boat crew while the rest of the family was diving.

After 8 days and 18 dives each with three courses, they have increased their experience and skills a lot and it has been an absolute pleasure to have them here.

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Last year Evolution launched ‘Movember’ on Malapascua with David, Matt and all the male crew sporting bushy mustaches (and quite a few wispy ones too) to raise money for men’s health here on the island.

Thanks to the support of friends and customers we managed to raise enough money to get 22 local Lolos over 50 inoculated for pneumonia, a common problem here for men of their age.

Evolution Diving Resort Movember Men's Health

We want to especially thank Dr Joseph Romero and Nurse Sarah Lee Quiacho for donating their time and clinic to help us complete this project. We also thank local t-shirt printer Nove Pilapil for donating his time for a great cause.

This Movember the pursuit of the hirsute will continue and our target is to raise 100% more money then last year so please support us. Gents visiting us during Movember – remember to leave your razors behind and be ready to proudly flash your ‘tash’ on all our dive sites.

We will be selling special edition Evolution Movember T-Shirts for P600 each and every single peso will go towards another much needed men’s health project on Malapascua. Remember every bristle makes a difference! Lots more on Evolution’s Movember 2013 efforts to come.

#movember2013   #malapascua   #philippines
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