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TJ Young
Playwrite/Actor/Director. If only I could juggle.
Playwrite/Actor/Director. If only I could juggle.
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Check out my new place of employment! Boerne Youth Theatre!!

Also, I wrote my first kids show and it is opening next week! Tons of stuff going on! Being busy doing this is better than being busy doing anything else. 

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This. Fixes. Everything. Google + is alive to me again.

In AZ for a week. Center Stage, here we go!

It's been awhile. But, I am back. I have been freakin' busy! About to go back to AZ in a few weeks, but then it is off to the races with turning one of my plays into a movie! Already in pre-production, and when it is ready to shoot, I'll be the happiest person ever!

It's been awhile, but great stuff has been happening.

1) Still been acting, even opened and closed a show of my own a few months ago.
2) Looking into movie options for the script of that show
3) Another big announcement will be coming down the pipeline here very soon, too!!

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To the kid who thought it would be "cool" to pull a BB gun on my kids and scare them half to death, just know that you are lucky I was at work. I would have told your mother, who was standing outside watching you, in no uncertain terms what I thought. But, I decided not to lose my job over your punk ass

Started writing a book today. Good thing my job allows me such time. Or does it...?
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