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Transparent theme is not applied to WhatsApp even though its available in the list of overlays. Any known solutions to the issue?


I'm using the transparent theme on substratum, it's really great.
My only issue is the action buttons on notifications are too dark and the text is not legible. Will there be an update.

Lemme know if there's anything else needed.



I'm on lineage OS 7.1.2. I've applied the transparent theme. Everything works fine except when I long press the power button. Then the phone soft reboots.

Please help if there's a solution.


Hey, I read the thing about security lock screen. It's OK b if it's not completely secure. Just something from ppl opening the phone. I've been using AcDisplay as a lock screen for a long time waiting for that feature. Can you just add it?

I have a problem. every time I try to open the notification tab in the side bar the app crashes.. And if I lock my screen. help!

Any idea of 'swipe down music control' like Android L on Slidelock?

Small issue. I use switcher while reading ebooks, when i come back to the reader it always goes back to the main screen and not the page i was reading. default task manager doesn't do that. can it be solved?

Does slidelock have music control? How do I enable it?

A feature request. Is it possible to have 2 finger swiping? Eg. keymonk keyboard. Its very handy in many ways. Thanks in advance.

Love the keyboard. But what does the color option do(when you press the gear button). a list appears and when i select anything on the list nothing happens.  
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