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Don Sniegowski
Reporting the news for franchise and small biz owners
Reporting the news for franchise and small biz owners

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The road to American Pharaoh 

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The good news for Chipotle after Friday's selloff is that their core customers, the under 40 crowd, do not keep track of E.coli outbreaks.

Chipotle's stock rises Monday morning despite news of a spreading outbreak.

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いろいろな光 / Various Lights


The light from the sky a after dark, the lights from the buildings, from monorails, planes. Stars were gradually getting visible. A result of an experimental try.

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Photo Data
Place: 東京・芝浦 / Shibaura, Tokyo
Camera: Nikon D810
Lens: AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED

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For franchise owners who live in a world full of hungry attorneys, and franchisors, mistakes mean lawsuits. The franchise industry,  in which the statistics that I have seen show mainly franchisors suing franchisees, has armies of specialized attorneys ready to pounce. There is also the factor of franchisor employees. Employees want to keep their jobs so they tend to ignore or downplay any mistakes that they have made as they push for incremental change to benefit their employer.

In short, what can be seen to the observer is that the franchise industry practices Management by Covering Your Ass (MBCYA). But they are not the only ones. If franchising is bad, doctors can face even larger consequences for making mistakes in medicine - maimed or even dead patients.

What is unfortunate is that we humans often experience new approaches and solutions after we make mistakes. The problem is if we live in a bubble and cannot or will not acknowledge our faults, we are doomed to the repetition of the faulty and stagnation.

This Podcast explores the importance of human beings making mistakes and the costs of ignoring those mistakes. I plan to listen to it several times over the coming weeks and months in hopes that its message will distill down deep into my soul and psyche.

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I had a similar experience with Ben & Jerry's in which fairness trumped their desire to increase revenue.

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California franchisees are featured in this video, one of several clips to be used online and in radio spots. They ask for passage of Senate Bill 610 to tighten up existing franchise law.

These brave individual franchise owners appear in public to ask for something their franchisors do not want at great peril to their business and livelihood.

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Former AMC auto dealers, remember your now-defunct franchisor American Motors Corp, whose chief core competency seemed to be squeezing more money from its lenders right as it stayed off bankruptcy? Well, here is Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza enjoying a ride in one of the old cars.

After the ride, they share a coffee at a local independent diner. Sorry, Denny's, Dunkin' or even Starbucks. The franchise theme, if I can pull a grasshopper out of an anthill, stops at AMC.

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Good thoughts on presenting...

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I've been there. Sat there. But not seen it through ancient eyes. Here is a fascinating discussion on Ancient Athens that gives insights to us moderns.
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