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Anyone else have issues with VUDU changing UHD back to HDX for titles previously owned at only HDX but upgraded via MA from iTunes to UHD? My history shows the purchases in UHD but I can only watch in HDX now. At least these three have been reverted back to HDX.
The Great Wall
Lone Survivor

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There's a store offering the new Star Wars movie as Ultraviolet. Am I in the Twilight Zone and Disney movies are now ultraviolet, or is this store labeling things the wrong way?

I have movies that are SD now in Vudu that I redeemed on iTunes, but the real weird thing to me is that Amazon still plays those movies in HD. What's even more interesting is Youtube. Only my Disney HD titles WON'T play in 1080 on Youtube. Even those Disney titles that are HDX in VUDU only play up to 720p in Youtube now. Is Disney trying to make the retailers the less desirable place to watch? Why would they make Youtube Disney content 720, then non-Disney content goes all the way to 1080?

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These difficult times require difficult measures
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Has anyone gotten an email that says I have to reauthorize my link between DMA and other accounts every two years. There are links within the email that aren't simple links, and the sender is Seems like it could be a phishing scam to me. Why would I have to reauthorize something like that every two years? I haven't gotten anything for Ultraviolet that's similar.

This store has been terrible to work with. Horribly difficult buying process that even included phone verification. Totally missing one code in my order, another one for the wrong movie, and one worked fine. It's been two weeks now, and several attempts to let them fulfill the order and they haven't my order. I opened a PayPal claim, and then they tried giving me store credit for just one of the movies. This may take a long time to get resolved. They are definitely not listening to me when I correspond.
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