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I am welcoming myself to Google+...I have no idea what i am doing here yet but i imagine in short amount of time all hell will break loose...Nikki
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Awesome! You should do some video hangouts from time to time?
Whats up Nikki, you and your music has inspired me as of 2 months ago to kick drugs, I just wanna personally thank you for all the help bro.
Google+ is sooo much better then Facebook in everyway glad to have you here Nikki!!!!!!!!!
If you find anything worthwhile about Google+, please let me know. And welcome!
ohhhh yeah bitch!! big hug from Argentina...
Hi Nikki, new here too but with facebook changing this might be the way to go. <3
So now its google kick ass and rock out
wow im in total only thing better would be a invite to shoot pics with u at funny farm
me neither Nikki, still don´t get how to use Google+..
Damn 359 already in one day....your a popular guy. :)
I have no idea what I'm doing with Google+ either, you can teach me once you learn :- )}}
Google wtf is this about?? And let the hell break free!!
thanks for the invite Nikki your music, photography, and Sixx Sense are all awesome
Finally, someone worthwhile using google+....!
Welcome my Friend....hope you enjoy the ride....Rock on....
Hey from Nova Scotia. Hope things are well man.
lol..ok i just started and i have no idea what i am doing either! :)
Awesome Nikki .. Good to see ya here :)
It is definitely a place for photographers and photography.....welcome to my circle!
been here a while and still clueless
Nice! Nikki is Va Beach on the tour list this summer? Sure hope so.
New to Google+ too should be interesting
sup Nikki I moved you Back to donnas house in the kanon Rd house many moons ago ...
SIXX Rockin Google Plus!!!
Is the anything Sixx can't do? Google + is not what is going to take him down :)
I had to clear the cobwebs out first....and resurect my account from the underworld!
Just what you needed , another social network. Like your life isn't busy enough , eh?
Back in the 80's my best friend and I both covered our walls with Motley Crue posters. We had everything. EVERYTHING! Anyways, my buddy sent you guys a letter with pictures of our bedrooms with all the Crue swag. We both received a reply letter that said we sounded like a couple of fags. That letter killed us. It was typed and signed.. the Crue in ink. Any thoughts on that?
Hi Nikki, I'll follow you on this one too. We can all learn together! first time too...
really doing this... ;)
That's how I feel on Twitter...I don't get the whole "hashtag" thing and you cannot communicate with someone unless they are following you.
But anyway, how are you doing?
I'm lost too so we can all be lost together!!! YAY!!! xoxo
I am a firm believer that the 80's hairbands RULED! Best times of my life. I look forward to rocking with you!
Start putting people "friends" "professional" or "following" into your "circles!" And then start a "hang-out" video/chat
+Nikki Sixx you have one(1) person in your "circles"..the rest of us are "on the outside lookin in!" pick and choose...
When wanting to chat directly with a "specific person" (put a + before their name)
everything takes time! I'm not an idiot so Im sure I will figure it out real soon :)
I know what you mean, I have had this thing for a while and don't know all the ropes yet..
Google+ might crash now that you're here LOL, welcome! \m/ \m/
It's still a little bit like going to a club wayyyy too early. There's music playing and the bar is open, but except for some scary shadowy figures here and there, the place is too fucking empty to be comfortable. But we'll see what happens now you're here.
Welcome to G+, hope you will engoy it.
I'm so anxious in seeing you here in Romania. Rock on !
Welcome, you lovely man so full of inspiration and hope, to the land of google+. :D
Olga S
Oh so his is what you meant by hangout..And I just +1 your comment..Not sure what I did. Maybe it's the like button..Ha ha
There goes the google+ neighbourhood.
i have the same problem i dont know what iam doing here either
ROCK & ROLL Music! High 2ya's!! I am new too at this! Thank You 4 the invitation! Los Angeles!
why los angeles?either iam a crazy genius or a complete asshole i dont understand whats going on here lol
iam the first one who comments with an iq of 150
lets talk about the cube in hellraiser...
I am delighted to follow you also on GOOGLE +,Nikki !!!
its crap stick with facebook dude
Brian N
Welcome, welcome, welcome. 
"Hi Nikki!!!" "How Did You & The Crue....Like Vegas???!!!" "I Lived There for (13.5) Years!! "I Worked for the Casinos as a Cocktail Server & a Fine Dining Server!!!" :)
welcome to Google plus. It's infinately better than Facebook!!!! U rock dude!!!!!
Haha - I think hell broke loose a loooong time ago with you Nikki!!
Joined months ago and still haven't figured it out.
you bet, Nikky :) people will follow you :) (so did I :) but damn, please, share that time machine with us - how can you manage all your activities when the day has only 24 hours? :D
That's okay, I'm still learning this thing, too. But still, welcome!!!
Welcome to google + Nikki! Now get your asses close to Little Rock so I can see ya'll in concert again! lol
Not much going on here, but welcome anyway. Maybe you can liven the place up :)
Yeah Ive got NO clue how this thing
welcome Nikki!
looking forward to your concert in switzerland in june!

see ya
Lydia C
Same ive just joined and havent got a clue what im doing :)
same here.. Just joined have not even made my profile yet... LOL!
fb and twitter are enough now but i believe in a short time google+ will be known!
just recently joined. Glad u made it as well :)
Not sure what I am doing...But O'well!~;0)
yea i think we all are trying to figure this out.
I hope so Nikki, It is so Needed here,I work on Computers, & Bang now this F...Man.
LOL...same here Michael! I keep seeing all the tv commercials... Getting kinda burnt out on FB!
Happy Purrdy's Day Nikki - hugs and stuff from Kent. Love, Nikki! x x x
I like to think of it as Facebook without all the annoying games, apps, and spam. Welcome, Nikki!
Chuck W
Hey dude, welcome to google+ hope to see you this summer on tour with Kiss!! Keep ROCKIN' man!!
you're the reason I got an account lol you're also the reason I got a twitter account you always teach me about new technology lol :)
It's great you have Google+!!!!! Now I'm following you here, in twitter, and the ugly facebook!! :D
Clueless on this too...maybe connecting w/Nikki will motivate me to figure it out! 
New to this too, maybe we can all figure it out together.
It is about time you made it over here to G+.
Welcome aboard Mr. Rock God \m/ \m/ !!! u R da Man!!!
Welcome to Google+ hope you enjoy it Mr Sixx
Fuck! Finally a reason to spend some time on G+! I've been pimping this site to my friends since they rolled out the Corp. version at work. Now I can say, WTF? It's good enough for Sixx but not you assholes?
Once Again .. Hi Nikki!
It took me long enough to log on, had to make a new acc. same name..:D
I just download it today so I'm clueless with ya!!
I'm trying to get used to it myself dude.
trouble does have a way of finding His Nikkiness :)
I'm here now and also lost and unsure what to do but I'll figure it out eventually. I just wanted to say hello.
Yeah, I still have no idea what I'm doing here either haha
I have been a crue fan since I was 13. You were always my favorite. I am reading Herion diaries and loving it. I have been through most of the same thing and on April 09 I will be 2 yrs clean.
total newbie of many musicians sick of being locked out by Facebook and looking for an alternative...actually started a protest page called Musicians Who Think Your Lockout Policy Sucks with a picture suggesting we would start leaving for Google+ and let Facebook turn into the next MySpace. Obviously the threat didn't work so here I am. The page, however, was a tremendous success. see you guys around...
Been here for a little while with DJ...Still not really an xpert...but hey..It's all in fun...<3
Shane J
Welcome! I still am a google plus virgin and i been here since beta. The apps just arent friendly enough yet
Hey Nikki!! What's up ? )) Fuckin' cool that you've joined g+
hey Nikki - glad you are on google + keep the pic coming. Is Motley Crue and Kiss really touring this summer???
we would expect nothing less sixx!
google+ is cool , less complicated than facebook
dear nikki thank god you are here sow can i share some pic whit you i have a drawing of you and i have the rest odf the guys too i have a qustion for you will motley and kiss come to denmark i hope i can meet you someday
THE NEW THING 2012!! is right here ;)
I haven't figured it out yet. But I look forward to your kick ass posts. :)
Just to bring a bit Rock around here, no?! :)
o dear u r leading me astray lol how do i use this thing :)
Nikki besides me I don't think half the people on here know who Motley Crue is! Ahh
Nikki since when do you not make chaos where ever you go
JA!!!!! I love your personality Nikki!!
welcome to google+ nikki nice to have you here sow i can right to you and maby we can be friends
You are not alone ! Can't wait till the crue and kiss tour !!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK
Not knowing what the heck to do with this either but with you here.....oh yeah all hell has broke loose.......
We are both noobs. I am waiting with baited breath for you to figure out how to video chat. I've loved you from afar since I was 14, way back in the Theatre of Pain days.
thats funny im learning too nikki love kris and nikki barbeau
NOW I MUST SET OUT THE GARB. FOR Tomorrow Morning. So good night for those who likes to sleep a few hours and thanks alot!
Very cool to see you here, and... on smartphones with android!!! Yep ! :-) 
Sounds like my life every once in a while.
I don't either...but seeing that you are here, I know I am in the 'best' of company! Love ya Nikki.
Repeating urselfe since g+ started is really boring. One year of same presentation; and I twice told you what U are doing here! ONE YEAR; I say is a long time to wait for Hell breaken loose. That you can forget about. Boring people stay put without discover how they get in touch with neither Heaven or hell. Hells Angels you ought to try. There you will get a solid education for what you`ve been waiting so long for. Good Luck : )
p like of you thank for input
Saw u in Sudbury, Ontario .. read ur book heroin diaries 3 times.. ur my fav dude!!
Can't wait to see you in Michigan 
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