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ur girlfriend will video chat with u mant
...depends of the time maybe...i need to be there in funeral...
is not maybe correct to do chat from there...?
HELL YESS NIKKI!!!! What time? I'll leave work early or go in late if I have the chance to talk/see you on web cam !!!! ::))
Me Nikki, It will be awesome!!
Ha!Sounds legit but I need to get a webcam
Yes! what time? just so happens, I have a day off! :)
...basically it would be guite good idea... ;)
I'm in... Name the time & I'm there.
I have an interview later today at 3pm central time. Do you mean tomorrow as in Friday or Saturday?
Do you need help with doing it Nikki? Look on the right side of your page it says start a hang out, and I believe you click that and choose who you want to chat with in your circle :)
I'm down to chat with the Master of Disaster! Hit me up and we'll talk all things music. Recording, gear, performing, on a musician-to-musician level. :)
I dont even know yet what time it will be in Helsinki...
Hey Nikki I would love to video chat with you...Today but im be busy Seeing your wonderful friend Vince Neil At Ziggys...Hope you figure it out ..All you have to do is hit hangout and it comes up
I just clicked on hangout and it has you be able to chat with everyone in your circles or you can choose a person you want to do it with. :) Gotta download a plug in first, and boom you're ready to chat :)
Yeah let's do this!! I'm all for it. And you'll find it's a LOT easier than you think it is.
You made me smile...even if I can not chat tomorrow... ;) I love you Nikki...! :)
If only my internet was good enough to handle a video chat lol
I had to #1 click on start a hang out, #2 click on install plugin #3 go to downloads on the computer look for google voice and video chat . #3 click on it then click on run . Then wait like 5 seconds. Then your done. If you choose me as the most helpful, I will chat and keep it short. Contact me on twitter at STUNATACUSTOMS
Click the Hang out link for video and audio feed.
Hope you saw my tweet on Twitter nikki...would love to share my story with you
I just got an account because of you saying you'll chat on gave me the final push to just get one, lol. Anyway, to create a hangout, go to the right side of your homepage. There will be a section that says "Hangouts". Click the 'start a hangout' link. It will open up a new window. It looks like you have to install a plug in to make it work, if you haven't already (the option to install the plug in shows up in the new window; just hit install lol). Then once it's done downloading, it'll load up and recognize your webcam then display it. Then you can choose to turn the cam off, on, mess with sound, etc. If it doesn't recognize your camera right away, it will say so. If that happens, just click the 'refresh' option that will show up, which should do the trick. Then you click the 'Add circles/friends' link, which is located below your own webcam image that will be displayed. Then you just choose your friends/circles/whoever you want to chat with and click hangout.
you you're shitting me!!
what's up, Homie!!
I read that book, about the band. Fuck Dood...
Where Are you, Let's Jam..

I Love you Bro'
Just for Live Wire alone you are Forgiven all else.

Knock'em dead Kid

Let's Do an Album

Hey did one of you guys start a hangout to talk about this?..I clicked on it and got exited right away so I accidentally exited right away..someone please let ke know
If anyone would like to add me we could do a hangout and talk about how much we love nikki and the Crüe
im in nikki.. what time, im in central!
If you think this is gay take nikki off your circle you dumb fuck!
i flagged that guy for being innapropriate!!
nikki, just create a new circle with your fans in there. then you can video chat with us =)
I can explain how to use the video chat !
Everyone wants to do tht with you tomorrow (today??) (google is acting like a word document and underlying my half spelled words as incorrectly spelled..heheehe) If you still are having trouble after hundreds of messages you go to to right hand side of ur screen on top and click on hangout and you get to download to install video chatting and follow the steps advised, it only took 2 mins top on doing it. I checked my camera and mic too so I'm all set to video chat anytime. I only have you and DJ and another one of ur fans as friends on here. I'm in Mi so I have the eastern time let everyone know wht time ur going on. Peace, can't wait to see ya in Sept. Tina
Great idea!Many of us want this chat with YOU Nikki!Then YES we will be there for YOU!!!
when is this going down? i'm definitely in!
the question is....who said NO! Definetely will LOVE that Sixx! :)
I wanna to chat with you, dear!
It would make it a awesome day if you did that, please if you do it at night, please do it after 6 that's when I get out of work :)
me, sure!!! but at what time? I live in Italy...
Count me in: What time so i can work it out to Sydney time?
Reece allsop what the fuck has crawled up your arse, if you dont wanna be here then opt out & stop bringing us down U TWAT!
If you mean today Friday, then yes! If you mean Saturday, sadly I work until 4pm.
OH OHH MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEAAASSEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
darnit i dont have a video chat :P how about regular chat??? :D
Well? How did the video chat work out for ya? Couldn't imagine video chatting with you...loved ya when I was 16 ...still rock out to the crue today :)
You either gotta click on the right to start a hangout and then install plugins and then pick who u wanna hang out with. It takes u step by step on the face/voice recognition. pretty easy!
It's not even a question!!! I want! Just tell me when! And I'll be there! :)
i dont have a webcam but u cn add me on instant messanger and we can tlk that way
Im down like a clown with a frown upsidedown :D
Come on then. Were waiting :-)
I will :) can't wait to see Motley Crue and KISS in Dallas in August. You guys ROCK!!! btw... I have an idea how to stop file sharers from downloading copyrighted stuff, but have no idea how to get my idea out there (and this WOULD work). Since this affects the music industry, any ideas on who I would contact?
This would be cool Nikki. DJ's got you going in the right direction.
you should make a livestream channel too ;)
Learning this....lovely....something new that I'm sure will become the next new thing :)
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MEEEEEEE NIKKI !! and all people of the world! haha chat will catch fire baby!!!! hahaah kisses
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Has anyone figured out how to do this on mobile yet. I can join by clickin the link but cant create one from my phone
I love following you.. your awesome :)
It will be there two fifteen CET... but need to leave and to be there earlier...can i just sleep all this day today...? Will have my mobile with but...
I meant GMT+2 (is CET+1).
Lol, that's cool. Let's get dirty and have some fun
Just figured out how to install and enable it lol... I'll chat anytime :)
You can drop me a call any time after 3:20pm Washington state time man, got some work I gotta do in the early part of the day.
Mary V
did I miss it or you haven't done it yet? I've been running to fix my camera and set it up... I'm a total google+ fucktard! haha
I have just started listening to Sixx AM but Motley Crue is one of my all time favorit bands! i am also following you on Twitter
hell yes id give almost anything to do that....ive written to you so many times about so much personal shit and never heard nothing back i know your SUPER CRAZY BUSY but i guess my feelings were kinda hurt... but i totally understand it....but id seriously give both my tits to have a serious conversation with you....
The crue is great but 6am kicks ass. Keep bringin it.
hey nikki i just read the heroin diaries and this is gonna hurt book already have the albums but the books are so inspiring i feel real bad for what you went thru i need to get the dirt now but don't know where to find it! hopefully i can see you july 20th in concert you are amazing tell vince, mick and tommy i say hi I adore motley it started in 2005 when i got the dale earnhardt cd and wild side was on it and i thought omg that song is badass what band is this and then i just kept buying motley and other affiliated bands thanks nikki!
I would go into cardiac arrest if i could video chat with you!!!♥
nikki have you v/chatted with anyone im available right now comon hit me up..
As could do video chat with someone who has not published anything while that is, not that we are interested here in google plus ......
"WHO WANTS TO DO IT WITH ME TOMORROW?"   - what a dirty mind I have... lol
hey nikki i will never get in so maybe a one on one with us and with actually the future mrs nikki sixx..
You are huge inspiration thank you I have been a huge motley crue fan I remember running away to see you guys on my birthday I was 14 years old., you guys were playing in seattle with ozzy I never seen so many titties in my life I knew I wanted to be a rockin roller and that's what I am I play in a band called district 7 thank you man

Ellen M
I missed you......when's the next video chat?
Sorry I am late to respond... I would love to though.☺
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