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xFair 2016 Recap
Finally managed to get something together in time for xFair!  With barely enough time for the black and red paint to dry, the new mountain board made it into the gym.  There wasn't enough time to wire the controllers and mount the battery pack, but at least...

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Battery Update: Front and Rear Pack Arrangement
 After a long week of CADding and designing, Joey managed to
generate a design for the front and rear packs of our car thanks to input from
the meeting of the minds we had last week. In total this pack will be 58s64p distributed
between the front and rear o...

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MechE Battery Party!
MechE Updates Our primary concern today was designing structures to hold and
support our battery packs in the back of the Opel. By the afternoon, literally
everyone on the MechE team was engrossed in this task. We were even honored to
have Sir Nicholas Aran...

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More Testing/Crashing with the ATV
After another substantial snow storm, we had a great opportunity to take the four wheeler out and try it in the snow!  Got a bit carried away crashing into snowbanks with the gang, but it was a lot of fun.  The ATV held up fairly well...more to come regardi...

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Snow Drifting with the ATV!
Had to fix up the ATV, but got it ready in time for the snowfall!  The slick roads made for some awesome drifting that was on par with the drift trike. Here's the video recap from the night cruising session with the Simmons Hall sixth floor squad: Electric ...

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Miata Modifications continued
Tuesday night.  Still planning on Marathon Thursday later this week, but it's been marathon every night so far.  Gotta make the most of IAP! Crazy Jake is back in action, reading up on some new suspension books from the library. Jarrod and Ryan looking at t...

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Suspension: Drivetrain Incorporation
Monday night, and we keep rolling through the week.  The eGear Transmission unit is a bit too wide to fit cleanly through the top of the original Miata subframe, so Ryan and Jarrod worked on cutting it up to provide the necessary clearance. We needed to rem...

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Suspension: Miata Modification
First Saturday work day of IAP for the MechE team!  Plenty of new work to do now that we have the new parts.  We're hoping that the Miata suspension geometry provides an adaptable platform and valuable reference for developing our independent Opel suspensio...

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MechE: Playoff Saturday!
A quick turnaround from the all-nighter on Thursday, and the gang was back where we left off!  We needed to take some ride height and suspension measurements on faculty advisor, Professor Dan Frey's original Opel, so he invited us over to his house to inspe...

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MechE Marathon Thursday is back!
The MechE Team tradition of staying up late on Thursday nights was reinstated yesterday!  With much work to be done, nearly the entire team made it out for the "other 9 to 5" Marathon Thursday work party! After the weekly team organizational meeting, it was...
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