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On Love & Romance
On Sunday our church band hosted a night of music and reflections about love and romance. They invited me to offer a "Ted Talk" as part of the program. This is what I said.  Not long ago I read a novel called The Sun is Also a Star , by Nicola Yoon. It’s a ...

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May, meet Deacon
The part of Very Married that is the most personally meaningful to me is probably not what you'd expect. It's not anything that comes up in interviews. It's not one of the mildly scandalous admissions, nor one of the controversial convictions. It isn't the ...

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Wake Up
I preached this morning - the first Sunday of Advent. I struggled mightily all week, trying to discern how to preach the gospel of hope in the midst of so much despair. The Holy Spirit would not cooperate with my desire to play it safe. Last night I had the...

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A few links
I've had a few pieces published recently: Marriage Counseling: the best investment we ever made  A few weeks ago, I was checking in with friends on social media when a tweet caught my attention. “A special shout-out to the therapists,” Jes Kast wrote. “You’...

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Writing About Marriage in the Midst of the Culture Wars
Despite several failed attempts at becoming a born-again Christian - not even the altar call at a Billy Graham Crusade stuck - I’m not an evangelical Christian. I’m part of the so-called “mainline” church. We ordain women. We take the Bible seriously but ra...

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Tired, Happy, Grateful: Book Release Day
It's book release day! I'm so tired, so happy, so grateful. A lot of people have done a lot to support the book, and to support me, and I feel it. Very Married: Field Notes on Love & Fidelity is currently the #1 new release in Love & Marriage. Amazon is sol...

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I cannot be everywhere at once, people
Only it seems like I am lately. (That was a Hamilton reference, for the record. I've more or less given up communicating like a normal person in favor of expressing myself through Lin Manuel-Miranda's brilliant lyrics.) It's full-tilt book launch season, so...

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Free Download!
One of my very favorite artists is Suzanne Vinson.  I've written about her work here , and here, and here . When I needed an extra special gift to give my editor and publisher, Suzanne created this perfect photo mat: We realized it would be awfully easy to ...

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The temptation to cheat: don't even go there
We were flat on our backs on the dock of Silver Lake when we ran out of words and there was nothing left to do but kiss, finally. We turned toward one another at the same instant, lips meeting for an exquisite, explosive moment before he broke away, met my ...
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