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People who have switched from iOS to Android - how have you solved the iMessage problem?

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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If somehow you don't own @SmileSoftware's Text Expander for iOS yet, then now is the time. It's only $2 right now!

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It's amazing what you can do with an iPhone, an iPad and the right app but I fear it's only a matter of time before I want a 'proper' camera.

Bug well and truly caught. 

I don't think this has been mentioned here, but I'm doing the Project 365 thing where you the one photo each day for a year.

Mine are at 

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Bit of a strange one this, so bear with me and try not to call me stupid when it turns out the answer is blindingly obvious.

I bought some SoundMagic M310s a few months ago and thought they were OK. Wasn't sure why everyone recommended them, but OK.

I was using them with my iPhone 5 or iPad and now I'm using them with my iPhone 6. Still OK.

Tonight I found myself - rarely, these days - using my MacBook Air in a situation that warrants some music. Plug the SoundMagics in and bang, they sound glorious. Well, they do to me but I don't have any £400 headphones to compare with.

The source is Spotify on both mobile and desktop, with the 'super duper special high bitrate and to hell with data caps' option turned on across both.

So what gives? Yes, the Mac will have different innards obviously, but still, it's night and day.

This is where you tell me I need to buy one of those amps that look like a small fag packet isn't it?

I tell you what - even without an iPhone 6/+ update, the Google+ app benefits from the larger screen. All that media just makes more sense.

Maybe this is why Android users have historically taken to it more than those with iPhones. 
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