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Stay a while, and listen!
Stay a while, and listen!

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TGI 223 - E3 2016: Greatest Hits - Wrapping up our E3 coverage, Jocelyn and Ryan go over their highlights of E3 2016. From Mass Effect to Zelda, all the big hits are here!

The time has come everyone! E3 has come and is almost over, so here’s a Greatest Hits podcast from The Gamers’ Inn to give you our highlights from the big event. From Most Impressive to Most Anticipated, we have all our favourite to chat about. We would…

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TGI + E3 2016: Nintendo - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been revealed! Joce and Ryan geek out about the new Zelda. We also talk about Sony and Warcraft over top of Pokemon, sorry PokeFans!

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for: the unveiling of the next Legend of Zelda! Nintendo started off their Treehouse Live stream with a new trailer for what is now known as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. After that exciting tidbit they…

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TGI + E3 2016: PlayStation - Garrett joins in on the E3 fun with Ryan to cover the PlayStation press conference. Lots of surprises in this one, well done Sony!

TGI + E3 2016 continues with the PlayStation press conference! While Joce is away Garrett from Amove TV joins Ryan to cover all things Sony. An updated look at Horizon and some great surprises await Sony fans from this media briefing. Get EXCITED! :D The…

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TGI + E3 2016: Xbox - E3 is here and Gamers' Inn kicks it off with a live commentary over the Xbox press conference. Joce and Ryan discuss Gears, Halo, pirates, and more!

Jocelyn and Ryan kick off TGI + E3 with the Microsoft press conference! Learn what Microsoft has in store for the Xbox One and Windows 10 in the near future: Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2, Sea of Thieves, Recore, some new surprises, and a few hardware…

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TGI 222 - Random Robot Armour - Joce and Ryan prepare for E3 next week with talk of Heroes, Mirror's Edge, and tidbits of gaming news making an appearance before the big event.

Twas the week before E3, and all through the games press, leaks were springing, from every single publisher… That’s right! E3 starts in just a few days and we have news from across the board of new releases, delays, remasters, and sequels. Strap in folks!…

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TGI 221 - Tore Bjorn Toblerone - Jocelyn and Ryan have more than Overwatch on the brain this week as Witcher 3 makes a return with new DLC and Fable is back on our minds.

Overwatch is still on our minds, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows after a less than stellar custom game filled evening. Ryan jumped back into Witcher 3 for the Wine and Blood expansion, while Joce went back in time to enjoy Fable Anniversary.…

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TGI 220 - Beep Boop Beep You're All Dead - Overwatch is finally here and we have launch impressions. We also take a look forward at what Blizzard has planned for the future of the game.

Overwatch is out and we have plenty to talk about when it comes to Blizzard’s first new IP in quite some time. We also go over some odds and ends in the news section with the Pokemon GO US field test, a Battleborn price cut, and what to expect from…

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On the May 2016 Patron Hangout Joce and Ryan are joined by Janice, Ventigo, and more to discuss E3, old games we'd like to revisit, and what new games we should play next.

Welcome to our monthly Patron Hangout, brought to you by, the Patrons of The Gamers’ Inn! Janice and Ventigo join the call to chat about E3, Uncharted 4, Fable, and Dark Souls III. Which game should Ryan play next? Will it be Dark Souls III? What do you…

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TGI 219 - Let's All Go To The Video Game Movies! - Joce and Ryan share more thoughts on #Uncharted4 as they race to the conclusion of Nathan Drake's story. Also on tap this week are video game movies! With Warcraft due next month, do we feel like this may be the first real good one? Here's hoping!

This week on The Gamers’ Inn we have more Uncharted 4 to chat about as Joce and Ryan shoot, swing, and slide toward to conclusion to the Nathan Drake story. Other than that they have some Warcraft stuff to talk about, both in game and in theatres!…

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TGI 218 - Uncharted Battlefields - Both Joce and Ryan have put some time into Uncharted 4 and have thoughts to share. Also, how does the recent reveal of Battlefield I compare to Infinite CoD? We discuss!

Uncharted 4 is here and no amount of technical difficulties is going to keep Joce and Ryan from sharing their thoughts! Also in the news we chat about the Battlefield I reveal in relation to Call of Duty’s trip into space. Oh! And Civilization VI got…
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