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Hi people, we just released version 3.0.3 of WatchNote. Now you can create notes up to 14000 characters long on your (#Android) smartphone and see them on your #Pebble. Also we introduced checkbox lists that you can check/uncheck directly on your Pebble. We always greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions. :)

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Yesterday WatchNote for iOS was finally released in Apples App Store. Now you can create multiple notes on your iPhone, read them on your Pebble and update them with one tap.
Evernote integration is currently in development and will be added to the functionality for free of course.
If your have questions, bug reports or ideas for the app just comment here, on Facebook or send us an e-mail. Thank you! :)
A already known bug that is fixed in the upcoming version is that the "&"-sign causes problems with the note on the watch.
More than 500 Android users already use and love our Android version of WatchNote and we hope to extend the great community around our app on the iOS platform. :)

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News from the WatchNote developers: The iOS app is ready to ship and we are waiting for the Apple Developer Services to be back up and running to get our app approved.
Also we are participating in the annual Evernote Devcup:
The evaluation of the projects is currently in progress and the public voting is still live!
So if you want to support us, please favourite WatchNote on our Devcup project site (you have to register in order to vote ) :

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Hi, WatchNote for Pebble just released the latest Android version. This time full Evernote Synchronisation Support (working in both directions) was added, as many users here requested. :)

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News from WatchNote for Pebble (Android app): With the new version you can import notes from Evernote and GoogleKeep and display the notes even if the phone is not connected. It's available in the PlayStore: We are excited for your feedback! :)

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Hi, finally there is a note application for the Pebble - at least for Android ;) Link to the Play store:

#INDECT paperstorm in T -20 in der Stuttgarter Innenstadt :)

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Question 8: Karen went to bed. Where did Karen go?
Ultra Hal: She was on the honor roll and an overall good student!
Jabberwacky: To France.
Question 10: What would you expect to find in a shoe box?
Ultra Hal: What would I expect to find in a shoe box? You like to talk about this.
Jabberwacky: I would like to find a good pub tonight.

Chatbots <3 :D

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Das erstaunlichste Überwachungsinstrument aller Zeiten ist zurück. ;)
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