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Bernardo Garcia
I have been in private practice as a Phoenix criminal law attorney since 1991.
I have been in private practice as a Phoenix criminal law attorney since 1991.


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DUI Task Forces Arrest 382 Through Half of Labor Day Weekend

Law enforcement departments throughout the state have been drastically increasing DUI patrols over the past few years. It seems like every holiday weekend, police departments organize and carryout DUI Task Forces statewide.

This past Labor Day weekend was no exception. According to Arizona law enforcement officers, as of Sunday afternoon, the statewide DUI Task Force was responsible for arresting almost 400 people for suspicion of driving while under the influence.

Electronic billboards throughout the valley served as a warning of increased DUI patrols, showing the message “Drive hammered, get nailed.”

The statistics, released by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, stated that the task force had been running since Wednesday, and that 382 total DUI arrests were made.

The report also stated that of the 382 arrests, roughly one-third were for extreme DUI, which means the driver had a blood alcohol concentration over 0.15%. In addition, roughly 2 dozen individuals had prior DUI arrests, and an additional 40 arrests were for aggravated DUI.

The numbers were seen by law enforcement agencies as shocking, as the 382 arrests were only essentially through Saturday night, and the total number of arrests for last year’s entire Labor Day weekend was 617.

Alberto Gutier, director of the Office of Highway Safety, says that while it is true that Friday and Saturday are generally the biggest nights for DUI enforcement, the holiday Monday is going to be the biggest day for keeping people safe.

He, and other law enforcement officers, are fully expecting the number of DUI arrests to continue to climb well throughout the weekend, topping last year’s total.
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