On three. One… two… AHHHHHH! ♫

The title says it all, it was a twitch perfect morning.

After Brian and Linda announced that they saw a pair of Black-faced Spoonbills at Candaba last Thursday, Maia and I decided to twitch it as soon as our scheduled allowed.
(cue: I can't fight this feeling anymore...)

So off to Candaba this morning we went. Jon V. came along for the ride. Honestly, I wasn't keeping my hopes up that we would see it, but deep down inside I wish it would be there. Not a failed twitch again please. 
(cue: don't let the sun go down on me...)

Excitement was building up as we were nearing the area where Brian and Linda saw it.  Then we saw a sign of hope... birders! Peter, Tito Bob and Tita Cynthia were already there. And the first thing Tita Cynthia told us, "Nakunan na ni Bob!"  With scopes set, we scanned the fields for our 1st target bird, and then we saw them... the endangered Black-faced Spoobill! Two of them pa!
(cue: when i see your face...)

Our excitement caught the attention of the joggers and kids, and they became curious.  We had a blast telling them why we were there, and what a great chance it was for all of us that morning to see an endangered bird!  It was nice hearing realizations from them, "kung tayo lang, akala lang natin tagak lang lahat yan" or "ayun, naghihinain na siya, tapos na kumain".

And the bonus for that day, we also got to our other target bird, after our 2nd try! the Siberian Rubythroat!
(cue: how can i convince you, what you see is real…)

ACABELEIVE IT! Two lifers for the last twitch to end the year (?)
(cue: nah nah nah nah nah, c'mon...!) 
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