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Jill Stein hung out with 3 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Cheri Honkala, Jill Stein, and David Schwab
Election Night Hangout with Jill and Cheri
Jill Stein and 3 others participated
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I really wish you'd have polled better... I guess it's some consolation that Romney's going down the tubes, but the US seriously needs some Green thinking IMHO
Only one little paperboard on little metal posts showing the Stein / Honkala ticket outside one of my town's several voting places.  It fell over, so I straightened it up.
I hope you two are our candidates again in 2016.  I think that getting name recognition like ROn Paul did for the Libertarians and Nader did for us in 2000 is key to getting our name back in the running and getting us towards that 5%.
Alright, who put the dislike on Youtube... xD
Also, anything you need for me to do for you in the future I am here.  I've worked numerous campaigns in the past and I wanted to get involved, but we had no campaign in ND this time.  But NEXT TIME!
The best Green Party campaign ever!  I'm already thinking about how we can build on the new volunteers you've brought to our state.
Thanks for running a powerful campaign Jill and Cheri and building the Green Party.
is this joinable or just watchable?
Great job, Jill & Cheri — for the nation, for the Green Party, for the planet
Just watchable.  I signed on as a volunteer, so that's something I can do in the future.
Okay then ... could someone please ask (or hopefully Jill reads this!) what Jill would think about running for lower offices, and/or encouraging mobilization for other Greens in these offices?  I loved the presidential campaign but lower offices might have a better chance in practice, which would get the ball rolling for future presidential campaigns.
There were many great comments about you and the Green on DemocracyNow tweets. Hedges was good. Even Kucinich surprised. A lot of folks want you for 2016. Ready? We need a Strategic Plan!
I'll always remember Cheri leaving Detroit to drive into the eye of Storm Sandy to be with her family and friends in Philadelphia. 
This is Awesome!  Cheri Honkala looks EXHAUSTED but still very BEAUTIFUL like ALWAYS!!  She Rocks!!!!
Great work Jill and Cheri and Ben and all of your staff! Thank you for taking this on. 
Where did the 750k vote prediction come from?
Thank you for your candidacy.  Your platform represents a truly exciting option for our nation.  I wrote in your names on my SD ballot.  I don't think my ballot was counted.  It's an eerie feeling that an educated, law abiding citizen of a 'free nation' can cast a thoughtful vote only for it to be discarded.  Nevertheless, work will continue to build consensus around the green party platform.
Great, important message, Jill for a multi-prong approach.
Thanks for all your hard work Jill and staff!
First year that I was able to vote my conscience- which is huge in a swing state like Ohio. Proud to have voted for Jill & Cheri. Let's mobilize and get Greens in local and state positions so we can make a change and bring an even stronger showing for 2016.
@ James Hoefelmeyer  South Dakota has all of 3 electoral votes, so basically, anyone who didn't vote third party basically threw away their votes.  That's how broken the electoral college system is.  The popular vote doesn't matter in most states.  So you did the right thing.
Hi, watching from Medford, MA
How many votes did Jill Stein and the Green Party get total?
I voted for Jill Stein, Cheri Honkala, Martin Pleasant, and Robert Smith
My Girlfriend voted for Jill Stein and Robert Smith also.
Thanks for working hard to promote the Green Party and to give a voice for so many. A viable third party candidacy with a complete message and progressive worldview is so important for our society at this time. God bless you both for your efforts.
I am so upset that I missed this. Will you let us know in advance in the future?

I very proudly voted for you, and wish you the best in whatever lies ahead for you.
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