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Please be sure to connect with the Green Party of the US here on Google+! We've made huge strides - let's keep building this vital movement!
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Here's what I don't understand +Jill Stein.  Why aren't you campaigning now?  Third-parties have such a difficult time in this election because they get no airtime.  Change that for 2016.  Start campaigning tomorrow, then when the '16 election season comes around the media would be stupid not to include you.

If you need help, here I am.  Let's go!
I know you by reputation and even voted for you, but see no reason why you should know me.
You should start doing hangouts on air like Gary Johnson does. That man is turning new heads constantly! YES start campaigning now all the third party choices! It would be nice to see someone outside the traditional left and right take the chief executive seat in 2016! I watched the debate between you +Jill Stein, Mr. Johnson, Virgil Goode, and Rocky Anderson. That felt like the first real debate I ever heard in my life that hasn't been bought and paid for by Wall Street! We the people trying to make it in real life here need people like you!
They have no media coverage is the problem! How are people gonna vote for them if no one knows about em! The 3rd 4th 5th n so on options are need to reach out to the 150 million plus who DIDNT VOTE! Half of this country is not voting cuz the fact that there isn't enough choices! The democrats and GOP spend billions lobbying and advertising smearing their logo feces all over to get what they want!
Failure after failure each say "meh they seem like a good choice" THEYRE NOT! The first real debate I've ever heard about what this nation really needs was the one last October that didn't include Romney or Obama, that Larry king hosted!
I voted for some Green Party candidates in 2012 as a protest against both major parties.  I refuse to spend any money on politics including advocacy.  On my not quite $15,00 f0r the year income even for 1 person, I can't afford anything.
Jill Stein, I voted for you primarily because Greens have credible goals and strategies, and both are totally lacking in both US major parties
Wendy W
I'd sure be interested in more Green Party news in my feed, but hard to do when the most current post is 144 weeks old and the Green Party g+site hasn't posed in 25 weeks.
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