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Lauren Cobler
Social Media Analyst , writer, wife and mom.
Social Media Analyst , writer, wife and mom.

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Asian Skincare Routine Part 2
So what is an Asian Skincare routine you may ask? Well if you're wondering, then you're way behind this trend. I only discovered it last month, but this craze started sweeping the nation last year. I brought it up at work and my boss is already doing it. Sh...

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Asian Skin Care
So, I'm kind of an obsessive person. I latch onto different things at different times, and allllll of them revolve around spending money lol. But another thing they revolve around is beauty. I'm always trying new hair-do's and products, and experimenting wi...

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 It's a boy! The #RoyalBaby has been born, weighing in at a healthy 8lbs 6 oz!

Watch live coverage:
Full story:

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Carazy. Still won't make me like it better!
Facebook has finally introduced hashtags. Do you think this is a good addition?


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Interesting article
#Facebook  admins need to be on the lookout for a Page Verification scam. Just remember, never give your facebook email/password to any page outside of 

Today feels like it should be a Friday. Let's all just not show up tomorrow and see how that goes.

Prayers for Oklahoma and Texas today! Everyone stay safe!

Thoughts and prayers to Boston

"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't." - RIP Lady Thatcher

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Pi Day 2013!
Happy Pi Day! Do you have any plans? We'll just be working!
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