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but when I found out evernote for mobile devices doesn't locally store data, it was a deal breaker. I am a big supporter of storing data in the cloud but I have to be able to store important data on the device
Evernote data is stored both locally and in the cloud. This is the beauty of cloud (remote server) technologies. A copy of my data is stored on Evernote’s servers and backed up by them. However, unlike some other cloud services (e.g., Google Calendar), my data is also stored locally on my hard drive. Even if the Evernote servers go down, I have the most recent copy of my data.

I found Michael Hyatt's blog post did a great job of discussing this and more. Hope this helps. For me I also use Sugar Sync so that all my devices I can get anything from what I do store on them from any device or machine at anytime.
I guess that is the disadvantage of not having the most popular OS for my mobile devices (WebOS). Evernote has yet to build storage on the local device into their app. I use Notes by Inglorious Apps and it syncs with Google Docs but keeps a local copy. And as an unpaid advertisement, WebOS may not be the most popular OS, but I believe it is the best one on the market today. I prefer it way over Android and iOS.
That is what I love about all the variety of technology out there today, there is a way for everyone to get done what they need and in the style they like it. 
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