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Ok, so I said that +Peter Suber's comments on the draft RCUK Access policy would be a good basis for a community consensus response - but that I felt I should write my own response. But then I thought...why not use Peter's comments as the basis for a community consensus response?

So I have taken Peter's text, modified part of it slightly and posted in a GoogleDoc that can be edited by anyone with the link and I propose to iterate on that based on the rules I've proposed in that document.
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Delighted to "seed the crowd" this way. Extra delighted (no sarcasm) that you didn't even ask. Slowing everything down to ask would slow everything down.

BTW 1: My post had an implicit CC-BY, and I'm glad you recognized that. But when it's important to give a G+ post an explicit CC-BY, can we do that without manually hitting all the keystrokes? Can we automatically assign a default license to all our G+ posts? I did that on my old blog, and I'd like to treat G+ as my new blog.

BTW 2: I'm sure the group result will be better than the original.
I have given an implicit CC-BY to my Google+ posts by including the information in my profile, but that text does not get attached to the post itself, so I guess to be formal, you'd need to tag each post/comment with a licence (link to CC licence).
In practice, I regard everything I post publicly here as CC, but not necessarily what I post to private circles.
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