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Jeffrey Smith
SEO Consultant, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Martial Artist, Motorcycle Enthusiast
SEO Consultant, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Martial Artist, Motorcycle Enthusiast


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Heads up.. We just pushed the release for 6 powerful new features to the SEO Ultimate+ Premium WordPress SEO Plugin.

1) Yoast Importer (to pull SEO data from Yoast and other popular SEO plugins).
2) HTML and XML Sitemaps
3) The Code Inserter+ Module (to add scripts like JSON-LD, Analytics, Ads, Etc to the header, above, below content or footer) for all pages, posts, archives, posttypes...
4) Noarchive and Nosnippet Added to the Meta Robots Meta Mass Editor
5) Rel="prev" and "next" HTML Link Elements for Pagination Added to the page level settings to consolidate products, articles, or other paginated series.

and also included ...

6) a Mass Alt Attribute Editor for Image Optimization...

In the works, Hreflang Support and much more  ;)

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With tools like these at your disposal, you can take the "guesswork" out of on page optimization. ;)
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Another Great Post from Amel Mehenaoui
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Eren McKay created a masterful list of posts (from present and past)  that cover Co-Occurence and Co-Citation for your perusal. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this one. The're spilling the beans in this one.
✨ I decided to create a big list of great articles that explain 
Co-Occurence and Co-Citation pretty well. So here goes:
🐦 Great Twitter convo with +Bill Slawski about co-occurrence in case you missed it:
🌱 Build healthy links with co-citation and co-occurrence in SEO via +Wordtracker 
G+ A conversation started by +Steve Wiideman  about this here on Google Plus with experts chiming in:
👂Link Building: What are Co-citation and Co-occurrence via +SEMrush 
🍁 Semantic Keyword Research with KNIME and Social Media Data Mining by +Paul Shapiro
🍃Another free tool shown to me by +Adrienne DeVita  that can be used to seed for more words:
🐺 Speaking of free tools that will help you in this:
👉 Although this concept seems to be all the buzz nowadays it was written about by +David Harry  on +WordStream back in 2010. (I like to remember these things because "some SEOs" love to say they came up with a concept when it was being said way before them cough cough ( not citing names but we know who they are))
✨ Also back from 2009 by +Jeffrey Smith was already talking about this:
☺A lot of people don't understand how google works, so I will end with this reference:
#Seo   #seotips   #seotools   #seoservices   #linkbuilding   #semantic
#citation   #lsi   #searchengineoptimization   #search   #Sunday   
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Jeffrey Smith commented on a post on Blogger.
Well, as long as you don't do that with all the search algorithms, then SEO will be alright (until the next update).... ;)
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Thanks Diego appreciate the invitation to the group +Diego Fernandez 

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