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Retired software developer; amateur photographer
Retired software developer; amateur photographer

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+Martin Bailey. I just got through listening to Podcast 393 -- Interview with Oded Wagenstein. I listened to it twice because there was so much interesting and provocative material discussed. Wagenstein is clearly a talented photojournalist and comes across as the kind of teacher someone seeking to learn that kind photography would treasure.

On the other hand, despite all his name dropping, a disciple of Ansel Adams he isn't. I say this because, among other things, his use of the term "previsualization" is very different than the way Adams used it. Oh, at a hight level of abstraction, "previsualization" means "having in mind an image of how the photo you are about to take will look as a finished product" for both of them. But, for Adams, previsualization also had a narrow, technical meaning. Wagenstein conception of previsualization doesn't seem to include any technical considerations.

Adams use of previsualization is intimately connected with his zone system. When he previsualized, Adams mentally mapped every important tonal area in the scene in front of him to the gray-scale zone he would realize for it in the finished print he also saw in his mind's eye. For Adams, if you couldn't or didn't do that. you were not previsualizing.

I realize this is a peripheral issue. I bring it up because I don't like to hear people saying they are doing something that X did when they aren't doing anything close to what X did.

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I've posted a new photo album today. It asks a vital question :-)

I recently took advantage of the Google free offer to upgrade from Color Efex Pro 4, Silver Efex Pro 2 and HDR Efex Pro 2 to the full Nik Collection. I haven't installed the Collection yet. I have this question: before installing the full Collection, should I remove the Nik apps I currently have installed?

Hello, Martin. I saw your notice on the MBP forum about this G+ community and joined immediately.

For those here who aren't also members of the MBP forum, I am an amateur photographer who has been listening to Martin's podcasts and participating in his forum for four years. Like Martin I love making prints. I have learned a lot from Martin in over the years for which I can not thank him too much. 

I don't think of myself as specializing in any particular genre of photography, but I were forced to choose I suppose it would close-up/macro work. I do a fair amount of DOF stacking.

One thing that may distinguish me from the others in this community is that I shoot with micro-4/3 equipment. I have done so since Panasonic brought out its first micro-4/3 camera (the DMC-G1) in 2008. I currently shoot with a DMC-GH2, but am looking hungrily at the new DMC-GH3. I use Adobe Lightroom for all my post-processing.

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One of the best of +Graham Morgan 's wildlife photos. I call it "The Gang of Four". Thought I'd share it so that Graham's fans know he is now on G+ and to, perhaps, make him a few new fans. 

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By late November, the autumn color season is generally over in SE Michigan, where I live. By then most of the trees have lost all their leaves, but not all. On November 21st a Callery pear (aka Bradford pear) very close to my condo unit still had most of its leaves and they were in glorious color. Callery pears are known for developing their autumn color very late in the season. They are also known for the great variety of colors to be found on one tree when finally turn.

I made a series of photographs of the amazing variety of colors shown by this tree. I have selected what I think are the best of these photos and offer them up for viewing.
One Tree's Autumn Colors (8 photos)
8 Photos - View album

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When I first saw this photo outside the context of the full article, it fooled me too.

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I've already posted my 2011 Best Images album. I decided to go back to my 2010 images and do the same thing. I had some good images in 2010, but I think I show some improvement with my 2011 work. What do you think?
2010 Best Images (11 photos)
11 Photos - View album

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Some very nice photos taken under hazy conditions, all selected from FLickr, worth viewing on this web page.

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