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Welcome Me Back World Wide Web
The days are passing by too fast. It is July now, half of
2017. Few more months, everybody will busy again shopping for Christmas
presents.  So what have I been up to? There are so many things that happened in the month of June.
My brain is too busy to thin...

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Emergency Alert
was an emergency earthquake alert from my cell phone that woke me up. It came
in three times.  English
translation “Magnitude 5.4 earthquake hit San Marcelino Zambales at 10:27pm,
25th May 2017. Aftershocks are expected. Be prepared, ensure your safety...

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Being healthy is a must when you work in a call center.  Although we are entitled to hospitalization
benefits being absent from work caused discomfort to our team mates.  They may be required to take overtime to
cover the board hours. Aside from taking my r...

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Time Off from Work Well Spent
I have been
contemplating on cleaning this AC unit but I just cannot extract my niece from
her favorite place at home. Where else but her bedroom. We have the same day off. She does not  want to be disturbed watching movies or playing online games on
her co...

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Lenten Holiday
Easter! If you work in a Call
Center here in the Philippines, you have to work even on Philippine Holidays.  In contrast to other industries where
employees enjoy Holiday vacation leave. 
In a Call Center, you are oblige to report for work if it is no...

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Welcome Summer 2017
It is starting to get warmer now in Manila, Philippines
since summer has been declared by our weathermen end of March. Being a tropical
country Philippines has only two seasons, summer and rainy reason.  Summer starts around middle of March until
the end of...

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I am busy  folks. I will
be writing soon. I just post my breakfast today to assure you this blog is
still active. I will be back with more post in the coming months. Thank you to
those you have checking on my blog regularly.   

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Happy New Year!
No cook Media Noche for busy people. My niece and I agreed
to order from our favorite pizza restaurant.  At least I save my effort going to the supermarket
for groceries. Likewise another way of saving on my electricity bills as I use
electric stove for coo...

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Merry Christmas!
To my blogger friends and blog visitors... Have a Jolly Holidays! Cheers!  
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