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Cross-platform mirror and operation
Cross-platform mirror and operation

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Notice regarding Mac audio mirroring on El Capitan:

With the introduction of the new OS from Apple, we found the audio mirroring of MirrorOp sender is not working on El Capitan. Our engineers have found the reason and are working on solving it. We believe this compatibility problem will be solved very soon. Apologise for any inconvenience we may cause.

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Want to be the first to know new features? Want to help us develop better new products? Join the MirrorOp Beta group to find out!

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MirrorOp Sender now supports unrooted LG devices with MirrorOp Add-On. Any LG phone running Android 4.0 above can enable full MirrorOp Sender functions with this Add-On. When the sender detects the device is supported, it will pop up a message and lead you to install this Add-On.

If you have an LG phone running Lollipop, screen mirroring is automatically supported by the native APIs. However, you can still install this Add-On to gain enable more features such as remote operation or audio projection. Try it today!

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MirrorOp sender now supports Lollipop! Android 5.0 introduces native screen capturing function, and now you can try it with MirrorOp sender without root! Get the latest MirrorOp sender on Google Play, or download apk from now!

So far the native API of Lollipop does not support audio and control, only one-way screen mirroring. We will be closely watching any updates from Google.

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[Tips] Do you know you can manually input receiver IP address in Android MirrorOp Presenter, if the app is not on the same subnet as the receiver? Here's how:
1. Press MENU in receiver list to bring up manual IP input
2. Enter receiver IP address and arbitrary user name. Leave Login Code black unless required by receiver.

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Recently we received feedbacks running downloaded applications on Mac OS X 10.9.2. Symptoms including:
1. System says the file is corrupted and should move to trash
is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

Issue 1 may be related to security setting in Mavericks. If this is the case, change the Security & Privacy setting to allow application from Anywhere at the first launch of the application. If this works, congratulations.

If changing security setting does not help, it could be related to copying your download between file systems. Try downloading the file again, but store it directly on the system disk.

2. DMG mounted, but the application cannot run successfully (keeps jumping on the Dock)
This seems to only happen since the OS updated to 10.9.2. The DMG files works well when copying via AirDrop in local network, but when it is rounted via internet, then the application does not launch. So far we have no clue. Please advise us if you have any information related to this.


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Some customer feedback that on Mac OS X 10.9.1 the system says Mac Receiver is damaged. We have identified the issue was due to the security setting in OS X 10.9. Please follow the following steps to run the receiver:

1. Open System Preferences --> Security and Privacy
2. Change App security to Anywhere
3. Right-click the MirrorOp Receiver in Applications folder. Select Open from the menu.
4. Select Open from the pop-up message to allow.
5. After the application is launched, you can change the security setting back.
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We received some feedbacks on scrambled image in Windows Receiver when sending h.264 format from Android phones. We are looking in to this issue now and will update with a fix soon. Thank you for all your feedbacks!
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