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Things are getting pretty CrayCray. Sending positive vibes out to help tie up a lot of loose ends with our NEW direction. :)
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"A lot of photographers think that if they buy a better camera they’ll be able to take better photographs. A better camera won’t do a thing for you if you don’t have anything in your head or in your heart." – Arnold Newman


you might not need a new camera... but you may need a new mentor- I can help with that :)
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Nothing like having a BREAK THROUGH... I'm just saying
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I received this question from a portrait client I thought I share with everyone:

Please send your suggestions for wardrobe. We may have to take the kids shopping!

You know what I have realized throughout my years is wearing something new ALWAYS puts a pep in your step. It could be as simple as a new shirt, tie, shoes or even a hat.

If you are wondering about matching...only if your family likes to coordinate. I suggest wearing what is your favorite and keep it within the "color palette" of the family. Shades of one color is always a great option. Instead of ALL the same color.
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