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It starts with gun control... it ends with this.
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Just because I thought that a story like this on a pro-gun website might not tell the whole story, I did a bit of googling, and voila!

"A visit in 2009 to Slough, in Berkshire, where Mr Larkin held a class intended to teach how to "maim and kill in self-defence", provoked widespread condemnation from the community."


Seems it's not the government, but the people who don't want him. But I'm sure there's even more to this story than that. I'm sure there are plenty of martial arts and self-defense schools in U.K.
Umm... any fight (self-defense or not) involves a chance to maim and kill. What he did, what teach ow to fight "dirty" or in more accurate terms "effectively".

If I am attacked, I am going to do whatever it takes, as fast as I can, to ensure that the attacker is unable to fight. There is no code of honor by which to live when it comes to protecting oneself.

Some people don't understand that.
I agree with you on that. I was just making a point that it was probably by popular consensus that he was not permitted to enter, not that the government of the U.K. on it's own banned him. I'm sure if some community didn't raise a ruckus, this wouldn't even be on anyone's radar.
There is ALWAYS someone raising a stench about everything. Doesn't mean that the government must act whenever someone is unhappy about something. Unless... ;)
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