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Toffee Vanilla Pudding
I am sharing the post of dessert once again i.e Toffee Vanilla Pudding...I made this dessert long before but could not post it due to my laziness :( ...This pudding consists of three layer is butter - biscuit crust, second layer vanilla pudding ...

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Homemade Dulce De Leche
Today's post I am showing you how to make Dulce de Leche Aka Caramel Condensed milk which can be made easily at home made by using pressure cooker..DDL is made by using condensed milk can which is placed in water poured inside pressure cooker ..At first I a...

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Strawberry Trifle Pudding
If you read my earlier post of pudding, it used setting agents like china grass..I am sharing a different pudding which does not contain any of setting agent..One of the pudding I am sharing is Trifle pudding..As in a name, it consists of three layer...Ther...

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Pacha vacha Irachi Curry - Malabar Mutton Stew.
I am sharing a delicious stew which is common in my hometown Kannur, Pacha vacha irachi curry or Malabar Mutton Stew. .Its preparation is simple to make with less ingredients..This curry is not very spicy, I am sure the kids as well as adults will definitel...

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Marble Cake
I am posting a recipe of a cake, with a combination of vanilla and chocolate flavour mixed together which forms a pattern of marble i..e Marble cake..Hope most of them have heard about this cake..It tastes so delicious and my son's favourite too..I made thi...

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Rajma Salad - Kidney bean salad
One must include salads in our daily meals..salads mostly used raw vegetables which are mixed all together which used any seasoning like salt, olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice..It is definitely a healthy one ..It contains most of the essentials vitamins..T...

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Carrot Coconut Laddoo ( Truffles)
I am posting a recipe of Indian sweet in a form of truffles or laddoo, Carrot Coconut Truffles..Its preparation of similar to  Carrot Pumpkin Halwa , as I post earlier..As in a name, this sweet is a combination of both grated carrot and desiccated coconut,w...

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Carrot Pudding
I am sharing a recipe of one of the dessert, Carrot Pudding..As in a name, this pudding is rich in carrot and its tastes delicious..I prepared for my family after Friday lunch few days before..This is my own experiment which turns successful..Everyone in my...

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Nutella Brownies
I am sharing the recipe of one of the easiest and yummy baked dish, Nutella Brownies. As in a name, the main ingredient of this brownie is Nutella ( Chocolate Hazelnut Spread).Unlike cake, brownie does not need seperate bowl for wet and dry ingredients.Its ...

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Custard Apple Pudding - Seethapazham/ Seethaphal Pudding
Today, I am posting a recipe of one of the tasty and delicious pudding, Custard Apple/ Seethapazham pudding...You might be thinking how do I make pudding with this fruit, even though it is difficult to eat t :P...I think most of them might have known that, ...
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