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Some beautiful new charms have been added to our shop this morning! Along with some new handmade bracelets and dog bone earrings too!
Check them out!

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I Am Khaleesi, Mother Of Dragons
Whaaaaaaat? Weird title right? I'll explain in a moment, but first let me start out by saying my apologies for not being around in the last couple weeks. I have been sick for a while and busy doesn't even begin to describe it... ANYWAYS - about that title.....

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Teach Your Dog To Wipe His Paws This Spring!
The struggle is real . We as pet owners know it well.... muddy paws! That's right - adorable little paw prints turn not so adorable when they are tracked all through your house, onto your furniture and everywhere else you can imagine. So what do you do? Whi...

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Spring is Here!
Spring is here! Some may be thrilled..... not so much my huskies. They do enjoy the warm weather, but for them, there is nothing better than playing in that majestic white snow! Today i'll keep it short and sweet. We wanted to parade some of our fun husky s...

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Sitting In Vaio Heaven
Hiya everyone and happy weekend!!! A couple days ago I got some fan-tabulous news ! I'm not sure many of you knew, but a few months ago my entire laptop crashed. The same laptop that I blogged with every day, the same laptop that held every single one of my...

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Sofa Wars - Husky VS Cat
The struggle is real... If you live in a multiple pet house, you can probably relate to today's post. I wanted to relive an older post today for you guys as part of our Flashback Friday and Pet Parade blog hops. This post was so much fun to put together, an...

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Husky Couch Cushion Scavengers
Hiya everyone, and happy Friday! Today we are co hosting The Pet Parade as well as Flashback Friday blog hops. If you're a blogger and would like to link up with us, stay tuned for the codes at the end of this post. I had to giggle a bit when I came across ...

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20 Useless Facts About Dogs
Hiya everyone, and happy weekend! Today we are co hosting 2 blog hops. Flashback Friday and The Pet Parade. So, in order to tie in to both hops, I decided to relive an old post which I created in 2015. I had a lot of fun with this one, and I tell you... whe...

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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year everyone!!! From my family to yours! If you have a minute, check out a guest post I did "10 New Years Resolutions For You And Your Pets." We are co hosting the Pet Parade blog hop! Along with co hosts - Bionic Basil and Barking From The Bayou...

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Seasons Greetings From The Sibe Tribe!
So here's the thing... I had this post all ready to publish for Christmas day, and I thought I had done just that. But then I see a post sitting in my drafts and here it is... not posted!! My apologies for the late holiday wishes, but from my family to your...
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