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Navi2Coach mount modification using a cut down SRAM computer mount adapter for Garmin Edge 605 705. Stuck to the N2C with waterproof Mammoth double sided tape.
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How i it holding up? I really would like to use barfly or something similar for my N2C but i am a little scared of double tape :)
Will keep you posted how well the two sided tape holds after being subjected to rain and heat, the initial bond is very strong, Mammoth do a waterproof version of their double sided tape, when stuck down it is impossible to remove the adapter from the N2C in under 60 seconds.
To remove the adapter from the N2C warm the adapter then carefully prise one end up and insert a plastic knife to seperate the adhesive this takes about two minutes, and should leave no residue on the N2C
I did not want to mount the adapter permanently, also I use a tether attached to the N2C with Velcro for safety.
Two sided tape still holding well after wet weather use.
An alternative non permanent adhesive would be something like Granville multi purpose black silicone sealant / adhesive, they do this in a 40gm tube.  
That's a very cool idea.  I'll pass it on to Germany so they can see how creative customers can be. 
Many thanks Stephen, the modified mount has now been carefully trimmed at the sides so it is flush with the N2C mount and looks more finished, (take great care not to damage the two tabs). The double sided tape is holding well after wet weather use, although a more permanent, stronger adhesive could have been used, I find that in practice the taped mount takes a great deal of effort to remove, and when removed leaves no residue on the N2C. 
I think in the long term the double sided tape may degrade in strength but I am confident this would be noticed.
It would be great if someone could market a clip on quarter turn mount for the N2C.
The design could be very simple one piece plastic, and would use the front lip, sides and back part to lock the modified mount securely.

O-Synce replaced my original mounts for ones that were much tighter, the N2C mount has been much improved by O-Synce.
My decision to modify the mounting system was based on the fact I own a GPS bike computer with a Quarter turn mount and wanted to make the N2C compatible with this on all my bikes.

I think extending the compatibility for the N2C mount would be a great selling point for O-Synce.
There are some amazing 3m tapes that will hold in all environments, like
epoxy, which some users might choose to use.

You won't find these tapes in home depot, they are commercial grade.
To cut down the SRAM mount, carefully use a hacksaw blade to saw the mount in half, work well away from the part of the mount you wish to use, take care not to damage the mount tabs, carefully remove small portions remaining plastic on the back of the mount using side cutters. Smooth the back of the mount with rough grit paper.
Finally, very carefully trim the sides of the mount to the same width as the N2C mount using a file or side cutters, if you do this take care not to damage the tabs. 

Note the orientation of the tabs as in the photo.

when using side cutters do not remove large portions of the plastic or you could split the mount in the wrong place, practice on the unwanted half of the SRAM mount and nibble away small portions of plastic, the SRAM adapter is not made of particularly brittle plastic but still take care when cutting.

Have been using the modified mount off road in the wet and still no problems with the double sided tape, also still using a tether for safety.
Just ordered my osynce, this mount and some double sided tape. If I like the way it sits I will go more permanent though: epoxy.
I have had no problems with the modified mount, and use of double sided tape to secure it. When the N2C warranty expires I may use a more permanent adhesive.
The Mammoth double sided tape is very sticky, you only get one chance to position the mount on the N2C, if you carefully trim the mount to be flush with the sides of the N2C mount this should help positioning.
The N2C is a great GPS head unit especially when used with the O-Synce remote. Nokia BL 5B battery's and wall charger are very cheap from Amazon?
First we sold the computers and now I've noticed a surge of remotes being bought, since it is really much safer than taking one hand off your bars to change the display.  KHS is distributing for us to the IBDs
The N2C remote is really good and I would miss not having one, mine is mounted just below the front of the drop handlebars and STI lever.
There seems to be no UK supplier for the N2C, not even Amazon UK, Just wondering why O-Synce seems to be not Promoting the N2C in the UK.
As a follow up to the mount modification, after many months of use, I am entirely happy with using double sided "Mammoth" tape to secure the SRAM adapter, the bond seems to be just as strong as when the tape was first applied, if you look at the other photos of the final design of the mount I have incorporated a tether which uses the small hole at the lower base of the N2C.
I know that Planet X bikes in the UK is selling all the O-synce products.  The owner is an old friend of mine that I recommended to o-sync in Germany.  Sometimes the the German's have a hard time communicating with UK.
Wish I'd seen this before my Navi2Coach bounced off and disappeared into a ditch
I did something similar.  Difference being that instead of gluing SRAM adapter directly onto N2C, I glued it onto modified spare original mount.  Basically, I took original handlebar mount plate, removed round part that goes onto handlebars, and glued that to SRAM adapter.  It ends up being more bulky than gluing SRAM adapter directly onto N2C; however it has advantages of not gluing anything directly onto N2C and N2C can be used with both Garmin and original mounts without need to unglue it first from SRAM adapter.

Originally, I used very strong Epoxy glue (J-B Weld brand).  It held strong for about a year.  Then few weeks ago I hit a big pothole at speed and the glue failed, sending N2C flying off.  Lesson learned: it's not weather that's your enemy, it's vibrations and shocks from hitting stuff on the road.

I just finished my second take on it.  this time I made grooves at the angle on both surfaces so that glue can have better grip on both pieces, as well as used a screw through both pieces for additional safety.

It would be great if there was one-piece adapter commercially available.
Paul H
RECMOUNTS makes a 3M adhesive Quarter Turn pad, but instead of having Garmin's 2-tab system, the RECMOUNTS product uses 4-tabs. You could easily modify the tabs by simplying grinding off two opposing tabs and benefit from the 3M adhesive. RECMOUNTS is also working on lots of other direct mount adapters.
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