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Film student making a Documentary Centered on the Xena: Warrior Princess Series and its Fandom.
The Final Journey: Saying Farewell to Xena is slated to become a feature length documentary. The aim of the film is to capture the essence and magic behind the Xena: Warrior Princess series.
The Beginning

Originally a character made for the series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena was so well received by the public, producers decided to create a spin off focusing on the life and travels of the warlord turned heroine.

Its inception in 1995 was met with only a few mixed reviews- likely from Hercules diehards, and the few men who were still threatened by the idea of women being the protagonists in a television show that had them kicking butt daily.

The Birth of a World Wide Phenomenon

By the series end in 2001, Xena: Warrior Princess had aired in over 108 countries and was ranked number two in network syndication ratings.

As impressive as all of this was however, even more impressive were the things going on outside of the series.

In 2004 and 2007, a few years after the series end, Xena: Warrior Princess ranked #9 and #10 on TV Guide’s "Top Cult Shows Ever."

Yes, Xena had managed to gain one of the largest cult followings ever seen- briefly knocking “Trekkies” off the map.

There were also comics, books, video games, dolls, clothing, name it, they had it.

On the farther side of the spectrum- Xena is the subject in many areas of academia; lovingly referred to as "Xenademia."

Included in "Xenademia" is the International Association of Xena Studies (IAXS.) It is headed by one of the oldest online Xena publications, Whoosh. This alone has cemented Xena in pop culture history forever.

Back Story

Although Xena has been off the air for 10 years, there are an incalculable number of websites and fan pages dedicated to the series. Type "Xena" into Google and you'll get about 3, 330,000 results in 20 seconds.

At the center of the "Xenaverse" is Creation Entertainment, the company responsible for bringing Xena to reality. Creation has hosted their annual Xena Conventions for nearly 15 years.

Always wildly successful, the Xena Cons swarm with loyal fans dressed in costume, and cast and crew humbly eager to oblige them. There has never been a trace of disappointment...until recently.

Aptly titled, "The Final Journey," the 2012 Xena Convention will be the last. The end.

Or, is it?

As a long time fan of Xena myself, and acquaintance to one of the wonderful actresses of the series, it was hard to ignore all of the disenchanted rumblings. And thus, The Final Journey: Saying Farewell to Xena was born.

With no Xena: Warrior Princess movie in sight, we decided to take fate into our own hands, and we need YOUR help to make it a complete success!

If successful, we will begin filming on January 25, 2012, as we journey from Nashville to LA. Filming will resume through out the convention, including the pre-party on the 26th.

What to Expect
  • A lot of emphasis on the fans (costumes etc.)
  • An in- depth look at the characters of Xena.
  • The cultural phenomenon behind the series.
  • The series significance in pop culture history and beyond.
  • Personal perspective.
  • The emotional impact it has had on so many people's lives. (Including the LBGT community.)
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