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Empowered in your essence you're a gift to the world
Empowered in your essence you're a gift to the world

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Here's an iridescent summer that may be confused for a metallic autumn, but is quintessentially iridescent in color and style. She is a romantic magical creature.

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Ever wonder why there is so much confusion, disagreement and inconsistency in personal color systems? I have wondered about it for several decades. Now that I'm a full time working color analyst, I'm writing an article for Seasonal Color Studio to better explain the huge variances in the field of color design. It's lengthy and while I'm polishing it up, here is an article about the Munsell Color system, which is one of the key reasons there are so many different approaches and results. The Munsell Color Wheel is not universally used in all systems. But here is an excellent article which helps us to understand why Munsell's color wheel is quite profound for personal color systems.

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The website is now live! Check out the blog

pati xo

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