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Summer Time
Now that all the finals, papers, and projects are complete,
it is time for summer!  Summer is a great
time to relax, unwind, spend time with family, and maybe even do some traveling.  Whether you enjoy laying out on the beach,
hiking up the mountains, or ev...

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End Of The Semester
I just submitted my last paper so I finished my first semester of Graduate School and I could
not be happier to be back!  This semester
was definitely one of the toughest couple of months I’ve encountered, but now
that it is over I feel a sense of pride and...

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Finals Week
Finals week
is upon us and it is time to rise to the occasion!  I know every graduate student has some type
of enormous final, massive research paper, or gigantic project they must
complete. It’s important to remember to pace yourself and take breaks when

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Lake Pam
Now that the weather is beginning to turn from frosty to
sunshine, it’s time to come out of hibernation and check out the beautiful
scenery that Stockton has to offer.  Most
of you graduate students are working on papers, projects, and studying for
tests, (...

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Three Years Later.. A Brief Flashback Look into my Journey to Stockton
For those who don't know me, my name is Ike and this semester (spring 2017) will be my 3rd year and 6th semester at Stockton. I currently serve many leadership positions on campus including being a student representative on the Board of Trustees. Looking ba...

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It is a simple word that college students know all too
well.  By definition it is the action of
delaying or postponing something or to a college student, it means finding
something better to do.  Now maybe you
are one of the few that plans accordingly and g...

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Lend A Helping Hand
As we head into the final month of the semester it is
important to remember that as graduate students, we are all in this
together.  Whether you are in the MBA
program (like me), the Master of Social Work program, or even the Doctor of
Physical Therapy prog...

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Research Papers
With Spring Break over and classes resuming this week it’s
time for most of you to start that research paper that is due at the end of the
semester.  You said that you weren’t
going to put it off this time and that you were going to write a little bit
here ...

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Saint Patrick’s Day
   Whether you are Irish or not, chances are you have partaken
in some sort of festivities for Saint Patrick’s Day.  Of course Saint Patrick was a patron saint of
Ireland, but how did millions of Americans come to celebrate his day?  Here are some quick fac...

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Spring Break
Spring break represents the half way point in the semester
and it also means were half way till summer! 
It is a great time for students to relax and unwind from the tests,
papers, labs, and stress they have gone through the past 8 weeks.   Some students ch...
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