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Indonesia 'unwilling' to rescue asylum-seekers

INDONESIA has failed to assist several boats in trouble near its shores in the past month, with observers saying it has neither the ability

'US pursues regime change in Iran using nuclear program as cover'

An American analyst says US is using Tehran's nuclear program as a cover for regime change in Iran.

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Another massive sinkhole swallows yet another Florida home --

A home in Hudson, Fla., along Florida's west coast, was ripped apart Wednesday after a massive sinkhole opened beneath it. No one was inside

Turkey rushes F-16s to Syrian border

Turkey says it has rushed F-16 fighter jets to its border with Syria.

Increased seismic activity reported at Iceland's Katla Volcano --

Increased seismic activity was detected in Mýrdalsjökull glacier in south Iceland, under which the volcano Katla lies, last night. Twenty-si

Power cuts threat as sun storm hits earth

A huge mass of electrically-charged particles thrown out by a gigantic eruption on the Sun is due to strike the Earth tonight, possibly caus

Iran launches fresh missile drill

The IRGC launches its latest missile exercise, named "The Great Prophet" 7 in central Iran.

‘Only solution to Syria crisis political’

Iran's Foreign Ministry says any talks over the unrest in Syria must include all involved parties.

US enlists UK clout to stop Syria-bound Russian ship — RT

The US government has enlisted Britain's help in a bid to stop a cargo ship suspected of carrying Russian attack helicopters and munitions t

Ominous “mushroom cloud” lours over Beijing skies (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — RT

Video and photos of an unusual glowing multi-colored ”mushroom cloud” hanging over Beijing skyline scared internet users who couldn’t make o

Arabs awakening - so is Al-Qaeda — RT

The head of UK intelligence, Jonathan Evans, says the turmoil that followed the Arab Spring allowed extremists to gain a foothold in the Ara

Study Finds Ancient Warming Greened Antarctica - NASA Jet Propulsion Lab...

A new study with NASA participation finds ancient Antarctica's climate was much warmer and wetter than previously suspected, supporting subs

Goodness! Gracious! Great Wall's on Fire! | Finance

Please allow me to start off with a few explanatory bits. At The Automatic Earth, we have always defined inflation in a different manner fro

Google Chrome Themes - Perth Skyline at Night Theme

Perth Skyline at Night theme for Google Chrome on

GLOBAL ELITES THROWN OUT OF ICELAND: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t Th...

Icelandic citizens’ has managed not only to bring down a government, but also begin the drafting of a new constitution (in process) and is s

Russia sending two warships to Syrian coast: Report

Russia is reportedly deploying two warships to the Syrian coast in the Mediterranean Sea.

Aftershocks After Rare Melbourne Quake --

Up to 60 aftershocks have been felt across Victoria and in Melbourne following last night's 5.3-magnitude earthquake. The quake struck just

Earth begins to break

Indo-Australian Tectonic Plate Is Breaking Up You may not have felt it, but the whole world shuddered on 11 April, as Earth’s crust began th

Ahmadinejad vows to defends nations’ interests, not the Capitalists'

Ahmadinejad vows to promote nations-friendly environmental laws at the Rio+20 Earth Summit.