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Ruby Gadelrab
Genomics Commercialization Consultant
Genomics Commercialization Consultant

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 Apparently its official!  Ruby Gadelrab has taken on a senior role in marketing and development at Invitae. She recently served as senior director of marketing for international markets at Affymetrix. She also has held positions at Dharmacon, Serologicals, Life Technologies, and Invitrogen.

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9 Rules Women Must Follow to Get Ahead
1) Work hard
2) Do work that no one else wants to do
3) Cultivate the people in charge
4) Know what you want and go for it
5) Promote yourself legitimately
6) Network with your peers
7) Make your own career
8) Leave to get ahead
9) Dress well and play golf!

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Ten Things to NOT Include on your Resume
Sharing might help your friend get hired!

It's job season right now, so I want to make sure you have the best chance possible to actually secure a position. If your resume has any of the ten items listed below you're probably not off to the best start. Whether it's your hobbies or your work phone (why do you want a new employer contacting you at work!?), take them off your resume and you'll immediately become a stronger candidate. Enjoy! :) EDIT: These are general guidelines, not rules. There's leeway in everything.

#Resume #Career #Jobs #Hiring #Tips

My team is hiring genomics sales and marketing people in Latin America, China and Asia Pacific - if you are interested or know someone that is - please get in touch!..

How many times do I have to say this in one lifetime? If you are developing a product: KNOW YOUR MARKET!

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Wow - honored to be in the top 10 for Genomics - and what good company I am in! Top Hundred Life Sciences Twitterers to Follow

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Making medicine personal, from research to the clinic at HUGO 2012. Register for this seminar now!...

Who wants an awesome job in genomics marketing? Let me know if you are interested and send me your resume!

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My Awesome Team Did This! Chinese Regulators Clear Affymetrix Platform for Clinical Use | BioArray News | Arrays | GenomeWeb
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